Friday, September 28, 2012

Voice transcription outsourcing: Ensuring special options

Healthcare transcription is a critical conduit in the cycle ensuring competent healthcare. Healthcare transcription adds worth to the medical care process by transcribing patient records from the dictation files of the patient- health professional session. However voice transcription entails abilities and financial commitment from the health facility to be correct and fast.  Investing using up assets may diminish the focus of the healthcare providers from their principle objective of delivering quality medical care.

One effortless way out to ensure that transcription of patient transcripts takes place in a fast, error-free, confidential and economical manner is to outsource voice transcription to a proficient and highly skilled medical transcription company. This not only makes sure of fast, quality, protected and reasonable creation of patient transcripts, but also helps the health facility to avail exceptional solutions to their exact record creation necessities.

What are distinctive solutions for healthcare transcription demands?

It is usually acknowledged that the healthcare providers vary not only taking into consideration the volume of physicians, the size of the health facility, the services offered but also in other variables like:

Specialties: Healthcare is an immense sector having various areas of medicine. Healthcare practices could offer one or a mix of more than one area of medicine. Each area of medicine has its own language. An online medical transcription vendor offering unique online medical transcription services would take this into consideration while tailoring solutions for the health facilities. Factors like delivery time; the area of medicine transcribed for could change templates/formats etc.

Growth plans: While contracting out medical transcription, healthcare practices are required to search companies who can not only satisfy ongoing demands but also have the capability to serve imminent requirements. The online medical transcription vendor should have the people and technical backup to be adept at handle expanding necessities for documentation

Amount of technological assistance considered necessary: The technological help demanded from the medical transcription vendor could differ depending upon the demands and proficiency of the healthcare professionals. To deliver unique services voice transcription contractor should have technology to aid the fluctuating needs of physicians and healthcare practices

Formats/templates of reports: The need of various physicians for document formats/ templates and even fonts could differ. The medical transcription vendor has to have the capability to serve the special necessities of healthcare professionals/health facilities

Assimilation of EMR: EMR entails a substantial investment from the healthcare providers. The online medical transcription service provider is required to be capable of support EMR integration by having the aptitude to interface through HL7 integration

Voice recognition transcription: Some health professionals/healthcare providers would even require the online medical transcription vendors to deliver editing services for speech recognition transcription. The healthcare transcription company needs to help this provision

Delivery time needed: The delivery time requirements of different health professionals under different situations could change. The online medical transcription service provider has to provide for the delivery time requirements of numerous healthcare professionals

Archives facilities: Healthcare facilities with a large number of physicians would expect a practice to trace audio records, work-in-progress and transcripts

Dictation modes: The medical transcription contractor is required to adjust to the unique options of dictation utilized by healthcare professionals to allow them to make right use of their scant time

Help levels demanded: Transition to contract out voice transcription could be made seamless by having the right kind of assistance to answer/solve any queries/issues as they arise

Report dissemination options: The medical transcription company is required to have the software and tools to adjust to the exceptional transcript distribution means demanded by physicians

Multi user access: Certain transcripts may expect multiple users access; the online medical transcription vendor needs to enable this in the record creation cycle.

It is important that the contractor should create unique options that are specially prepared taking into contemplation the demands of the health professionals/healthcare practices.

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted online medical transcription industry ensures special transcription solutions. TransDyne offers excellent online medical transcription at economical rates, carried out by seasoned and trained online transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time performed through HIPAA compliant HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high extents of quality and all this with software and technology that is highly developed but simple to employ!                 

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Healthcare transcription sub contracting: Often raised questions

Sub contracting healthcare transcription is a vital decision and entails diligent contemplation of the healthcare facility’s precise requirements and the right “match” from the medical transcription company. Online medical transcription is an essential link in the string of activities culminating in the delivery of excellent clinical care. Medical transcription is the process by which patient transcripts are created, and doctors in addition to the support staff utilize these transcripts.

While outsourcing voice transcription it is usual for physicians and the support staff to have several qualms concerning the outsourcing choice.

Certain generally asked doubts /concerns are answered below:

Do I need to alter my mode of dictation?
This is an authentic issue among healthcare professionals who are trained specialists for whom time is a scarce asset. It is critical for the healthcare transcription service provider to provide for variable and habitual methods of dictation to assist healthcare professionals to make optimum utilization of their time.

Do I have to get occupied in the nitty-gritties of transfer of dictation recordings? 
Healthcare professionals are skilled in the industry of medicine and may not necessarily want to get drawn into in the technicalities of uploading audio files for transcription. It is critical for the voice transcription contractor to have a procedure in place that facilitates preprogrammed upload of audio records at frequent intervals.

Do I need to get drawn in the nitty-gritties of retrieval of transcripts?
Once the dictation files of the patient-physician meeting are finished the healthcare professional would like that the patient document be made available to him/her routinely. The subcontracted online medical transcription company needs to have a system to allow dispensing of reports.

Is there a service of faxing/printing the documents from the medical transcription contractor’s office?
In particular situations it would be necessary for the document to be made obtainable to the healthcare professional by fax/printed form. The subcontracted healthcare transcription company should have services in their routine to facilitate this.

What is the turnaround time? What is the delivery time for STAT files?
The details in the patient medical reports are important for the reliability of care. It is vital that the patient reports are made reachable on time. In certain cases the turnaround time would have to be very quick. The voice transcription service provider should have the human resources and information technology in place to facilitate this.

What is the degree of precision?
Patient reports are not only critical for continued patient care they also become the foundation for receivables management ending to reimbursements.  Patient documents also provide proof in case of lawsuit. It is critical for the information to be captured correctly. The outsourced voice transcription contractor necessitates having the right human resources in place with the necessary training to enable this.

Does sub contracting voice transcription entail that I have to get technologically competent?
Healthcare professionals are starved for time; they may not choose to employ very complicated information technology demanding a lengthy training practice. The online medical transcription company necessitates to employ information technology that not only offers all uses, but also uncomplicated to use.

What is the cost per line of transcription?
One of the main plus points needed from the contracting out is curtailed rate of transcription. It is essential for the medical transcription company to define costs unmistakably using a pricing method that is definable, supportable, quantifiable, consistent, fair and honest.

Is the cost per line of transcription lesser than our current costs?
It is essential to determine whether there are any unknown charges while contracting out medical transcription.

How about integration with EMR?
The EMR system needs an ample extent of capital outlay. It is critical to determine whether the medical transcription company will be capable of incorporating with existing EMR via HL7 interface conserving present financial commitments.

What is the procedure for finding audio records, transcribed files etc?
Most healthcare practices would have an immense number of records in each stage of transcription. It is critical for the voice transcription company to have an archival system to assist finding of records at each stage of transcription.

What if I have any qualms regarding the medical transcription practice?
The medical transcription company necessarily needs to have open channels of communication to facilitate the healthcare provider staff to make clear any reservations pertaining to the medical transcription process.

What about HIPAA compliance concerns?
The safeguarding of protected patient data is one of the worries of physicians and other staff. It is essential for the company to be having HIPAA provision sat all stage.

What is the experience of the voice transcription company in ensuring similar services?
This can be established by confirming on the testimonials delivered by the online medical transcription contractor for their current clients.

TransDyne, a leader in the voice transcription industry offers adapted services to match the demands of healthcare facilities. TransDyne offers competent voice transcription at economical costs, executed by knowledgeable and skilled online transcriptionists with a very timely delivery time accomplished through protected HIPAA compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness and all this with technology that is superior but simple to operate!                 

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Voice transcription outsourcing and health information management

Modern day clinical care depends on the inputs from many associated parties to be effectual and economically viable. One such aspect that plays a vital function in medical care is health information management. Health information management is the process of preservation and protection of healthcare transcripts. Health information professionals have been described as portraying an important function in the dispensing of medical care. They strive for on assembling, maintenance and the deployment of superb medical care information to support the details intensive and particulars dependent medical care system.

One significant feature of health information management is medical transcription. Voice transcription is the practice of recording the patient-physician session. Healthcare transcription is a specialty practice demanding the optimum blend of human resources skills, methodologies and technology contracting out voice transcription makes certain that patient documents are generated in a professional manner making the practice smooth, effective and affordable. Patient records need to match a precise parameters to be helpful in the health management process. 

The voice transcription company is required to be assessed according to the prerequisites employed to appraise data characteristics:

Accuracy: Health transcripts of patients are vital to the method of clinical care. They deliver continuity, foundation for deciding upon future care, assist in case of legal action and can be applied for education and research. Therefore the correctness of the details recorded during the method of voice transcription should be as close to 100% as possible

Availability: To ensure quality medical care it is important that data is effortlessly accessible. It not only supports doctors and support staff delivers superb care but also organize their time better. Contracting out medical transcription can support in this factor by providing archiving provisions, which make it easier to find files

Thorough: Patient records are obligated to include all the information of the patient’s medical health records. This aids physicians in making the correct care plan. The voice transcription service provider is required to ensure that all the information are exhaustively documented during the transcription process

Uniformity: Health management is a complicated sector and it is essential that the value of the details should be reliable and up to par across several applications. This is the obligation of the online transcriptionists who in fact transcribe the transcripts. It is crucial that their teaching syllabus includes all the details of the branch of medicine they are transcribing for

Currency: The patient documents should indicate current particulars. Transcribing timely records is an essential duty of the voice transcription vendor

Explanation: This entails that the information should be unmistakably described with no room for uncertainty. This needs the healthcare transcription company people to have complete knowledge of medical terms and classifications

Granularity: This signifies the qualities and usefulness of particulars should be classified at the optimum amount of particulars

Precision: The details in the health record, should record the essentials so that no details are ignored but unnecessary information is not included

Magnitude: The information transcribed in the clinical documents should be relevant.

Quickness: The health reports need to be generated with all the above given qualities within a reasonable time frame. The correct delivery time would assist both competent health management and faster settlements.

Outsourcing to a specialized healthcare transcription company like TransDyne makes certain that clinical transcripts are made with all the characteristics. TransDyne ensures excellent medical transcription at realistic rates, performed by seasoned and proficient voice transcriptionists with a very timely delivery time accomplished through HIPAA compliant HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high degrees of quality and all this with information technology that is improved but simple to use!                  

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Medical transcription outsourcing: Going the HITECH way!

Health Information Technology for Economy and Clinical Health (HITECH) act providing for privacy and security of patient health information was enacted on 17th February 2009, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (ARRA). The HITECH act has become effective on 17th February 2010.
HITECH has improved and expanded on the concerns and issues addressed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HITECH has added new requirements concerning privacy and security for health information that materially and directly affects many entities, businesses, and individuals in ways more diverse than HIPAA
How does HITECH affect medical transcription service providers?
HITECH has added as ‘Business Associates’, organizations that transmit protected Health Information and require access on a regular basis to such information.
Medical transcription is the process of converting audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into text format. The process of medical transcription is made efficient and cost effective when outsourced to a professional medical transcription service provider. Medical transcription service providers come under the purview of HITECH as business associates, as they have access to patient health information and are involved in the process of transmitting this data back and forth during the process of transcription.
What are the steps to be taken by a medical transcription company to ensure compliance with the HITECH act?
To be compliant with the HITECH act, the medical transcription service provider needs to implement the following:
Identify the compliance requirements specific to their organization
Carry out a risk analysis that includes the total flow of Patient Health Information (PHI) during the process of transcription. This needs to include the beginning of the process, all the steps in between up to the conclusion of the process, namely:
  1. Collection of dictation
  2. Transmission of audio files
  3.  Distribution of audio files for transcription
  4. Shared access for quality checks
  5.  Transmission of transcripts back to the healthcare professionals
  6. Archiving
Identify the high-risk areas and look at the current risk containment measures. Revise the measures to ensure that they are in tandem with current requirements and latest technology, making sure there are no loopholes to allow for breaches
Ensure that employees and any third parties having access to PHI are fully trained on the privacy and security requirements. Make them aware of their role in protecting PHI
Review existing relationships between covered entities and develop a continuing compliance strategy
Develop a strategy to minimize breaches, an early detection plan for identifying breaches and an action plan for quick responses to contain breaches, if any
While outsourcing medical transcription, it has become important for healthcare facilities to ensure that the service provider is fully aware of the requirement to protect the PHI under the HITECH act and have measures in place to ensure compliance.
TransDyne a leader in the outsourced medical transcription industry has always understood the importance of securing and protecting confidential patient health information during the process of medical transcription. Measures have been taken to ensure that PHI is protected at all levels. The measures taken by TransDyne to be HITECH compliant include:

Securing people and processes:  People and processes are secured by implementing the following:

1.     No sub-contractors: Work outsourced to TransDyne is executed in-house and no subcontractors are used.
2.     Educating the team: The transcription team, i.e. medical transcriptionists, proof readers, language editors and the quality assurance team have been educated on the importance of protecting and securing PHI
3.     Inbuilt security routines: All applications and processes have inbuilt security measures like password changes, access audits and related exercises.
4.     Joint access: Most confidential databases can only be accessed by a combination of passwords of a minimum of two individuals.
5.     Restricted Internet and Email access: Unlimited access to Internet can lead to security breaches. Access is limited to a few limited sites.
6.     Legal Declarations: Declarations are signed by employees undertaking to maintain the security of data.
7.     Security audits: Frequent audits are carried out to ensure that all procedures are followed and are effective
8.     Disabling ports for removable media: Ports for using removable media have been disabled to eliminate misuse of PHI

Securing Infrastructure:  Infrastructure is secured by the following means:


Company owned and managed facilities

1.     Manned security
2.     Video surveillance. 

Securing Technology: Technology has been secured by use of security features like

  1. All medical transcription related software applications are built in-house. 
  2. Database based systems.
  3. 128-bit data encryption
  4. Multi-tiered application architecture
  5. Design level security safeguards
  6. Firewall protected networks
  7. Sterilized e-mail servers
  8. Denial of access procedures and
  9. Multi-modal alerts. 
TransDyne offers quality medical transcription at reasonable prices, executed by experienced and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with technology that is advanced but easy to use!            

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Online medical transcription outsourcing: Providing perceptive services

Medical care has always had to form a delicate equilibrium between cutting expenditure and sustaining profitability while offering excellent healthcare. To this end, healthcare facilities have tried to focus all their inputs and overheads on their main goal of delivering excellent health services while contracting out all activities that dilute their weaken.  This helps healthcare facilities firm up their inputs towards improving bottom-line while delivering the finest feasible care by curtailing cost.

One such component is medical transcription. Voice transcription is the method of transcribing patient records of the patient-physician encounter from the audio records as narrated by the physicians. To be accurate, timely, HIPAA compliant and economical, voice transcription requires the optimum people, the correct procedures and the optimum technology.

Though voice transcription has a vital role in offering quality healthcare, as proof in case of legal action and as the foundation for the coding and billing, it is not element of the core competencies of the healthcare facility and can end up costing healthcare facilities a lot in terms of time, money and overheads. One uncomplicated fix for healthcare facilities to make certain that patient reports are generated in a correct, timely and secure manner is to outsource online medical transcription.

Outsourcing medical transcription also assists health facilities conserve on expenditure of transcription by 40-50%. Outsourcing medical transcription to the correct vendor has demonstrated that healthcare practices can benefit from of the benefits of perceptive options for their report creation requirements.

How does sub contracting online medical transcription provide astute options?
The word shrewd has been classified as having or showing shrewdness, keen perception or judgment.

What do physicians expect from voice transcription services?
They demand the service to be timely, exact, reasonably priced, secure and most of all uncomplicated to use! They demand the medical transcription company to understand their explicit demands and use their intelligence to perceive the top-notch feasible solution in a specific case without compromising the standards needed.

Contracting out medical transcription services absolutely suit the characterization of delivering shrewd services by providing services that fulfill the demands of health professionals in every factor.

Technology that is simple to utilize: Healthcare professionals are highly trained and expert professionals who provide an important service, which requires an immense amount of dedication, skills and time. Acknowledging this sub contracting voice transcription services have utilized information technology that offers benefits to make the life of health professionals and hospital staff easier. Not only do they employ software and tools, which offers maximum advantages, but they have also ensured that this technology is uncomplicated to utilize, enabling physicians to save their scant time for the finest use.

Some of the benefits of information technology employed by the medical transcription vendor are:

  • Adaptable modes of dictation
  • Automatic transfer of dictation
  • Web based HIPAA compliant delivery of completed reports
  • Archives, enabling simple search of transcripts
  • Remote printing and faxing
  • Amalgamation with EMR by HL7 interface. 
Accurate and prompt creation of patient transcripts: Health professionals count on the information in patient transcripts to make knowledgeable judgments about the healthcare to be provided to patients. Medical transcription companies are aware of the importance of not only summarizing all the details regarding the patient-healthcare professional correctly but also making this information available to the physicians on time. To this end medical transcription vendor make sure that reports are put through rigorous quality assurance to ensure correctness and employ the optimum method and information technology to fulfill the turnaround time needed by physicians/health facilities

Data security: The foundation of the patient-healthcare professional relationship is depends on the trust placed by the patient in the physician and the healthcare practice. Protecting the confidentiality of patient particulars is not only obligatory by law; it is also an ethical requirement. Online medical transcription service providers grasp the magnitude of safeguarding these particulars and safeguard confidential information in patient records by securing people, procedures, infrastructure and software and tools

Conservation on expenses: Being able to offer superb medical care profitably is the goal of healthcare practices. Sub contracting online medical transcription assists in increasing revenues by helping save on expense of transcription by almost 40% to 50% as against in-house voice transcription. Not only does contracting out online medical transcription aid restrain expenditure, timely voice transcription can help hasten the coding and billing

It can be concluded that outsourcing to the right voice transcription company can prove to be a perceptive answer to the medical transcription demands of healthcare facilities.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced voice transcription industry offers astute services to the medical transcription needs of healthcare facilities. TransDyne offers excellent medical transcription at reasonable rates, carried out by knowledgeable and trained medical transcriptionists with a very prompt delivery time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with technology that is advanced but uncomplicated to use!              

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Online medical transcription services: Providing the substance and context

Health management is a complicated undertaking, which demands a lot of intelligence and abilities on the part of the physician, other than from all the other components like the right blend of equipments, education and establishment. One other critical component to the healthcare process is particulars from patient reports.

Patient reports make it achievable for physicians to make the optimum decisions concerning the patient's treatment. Patient records are basically an outcome of all the information of the patient's health history. They provide valuable particulars pertaining to demographics; lifestyle habits, allergies and also include earlier symptoms, diagnoses and treatment availed.  This particulars is not only vital in providing further treatment, but is also valuable when treatment is stretched over a period of time and there are recurrent changes in the health professionals and support staff attending to the patient.

Voice transcription is the undertaking by which patient records are generated. Voice transcription essentially involves the conversion of audio records of the healthcare professionals concerning the patient-health professional meeting into text format.  This is a very basic meaning of medical transcription.

Medical transcription is a service that broadens beyond being just a typing service; online medical transcription is a service, which delivers healthcare professionals with subject matter and context in the patient's medical transcripts empowering the undertaking of medical care.

Medical transcription is an ability that needs:

  • Excellent language expertise
  • Good listening skills
  • Comprehension of medical terminology
  • Typing expertise
  • Expertise to multitask
  • An eye for details
  • Research skills. 
To effectually provide subject matter, the medical transcriptionist has to be proficient at listen cautiously and encapsulate the details as correctly as feasible. Where considered necessary the transcriptionist has to refer to the Internet to fill in the proper words.

To conveniently apply perspective while making patient reports, the transcriptionist has to listen carefully to the words of the physician and make certain that the record is constant in terms of details. For example: The gender of the patient or the left/right side injury etc. 

One of most economical, convenient and competent choices available to health facilities for creation of patient transcripts is to subcontract to a specialized online medical transcription service provider.

However while sub contracting medical transcription, it is important to assess the online medical transcription company on the premises of the below given:

Accuracy: This means the percentage of quality of the completed reports vis-à-vis what was dictated. A minimum level of 99% and above would be suitable.

Turnaround time: Delivery time denotes to the time taken to send back the finished transcript to the healthcare facility. A delivery time of not more than 24 hours for normal transcripts and 4-12 hours for STAT reports would be considered ideal.

Data confidentiality: The transcription vendor should be HIPAA/HITECH compliant. The online medical transcription service provider has to have sufficient HIPAA compliance provisions to make certain that the confidential details transmitted back and forth is secure and secure.

Pricing procedure: This is one of the main gains that a health facility hopes to have, from the outsourcing option. Costing method should be fair and realistic for the services rendered. Pricing procedure should also be transparent and simple so that both parties can assess the same at any stage of the undertaking

Technology: The software and tools used by the service provider should not only be HIPAA compliant and have superior facilities but should also be uncomplicated to use, without having to need extended training.

TransDyne delivers excellent medical transcription at reasonable rates, carried out by knowledgeable and trained transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time executed through protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness and all this with software and tools that is advanced but simple to operate!             

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Online medical transcription outsourcing: Acquire the best offer!

Sub contracting online medical transcription has many plus points when done right. It is a critical choice that is bound to have a lasting influence on the operations of health facilities. Medical transcription is the practice of making patient reports from the audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter. It is not a one-time service, but an ongoing procedure that helps both functional and business considerations of healthcare.

Allowing for the function of online medical transcription in the smooth running of healthcare facilities it is important for healthcare facilities to choose the optimum medical transcription vendor to partner them in their record creation requirements. The procedure of picking the right medical transcription vendor would need two phases:

Studying the current scenario:

Present mode of healthcare transcription:  This could consist of in-house transcriptionists or independent contractors or a mix of both

Existing delivery time: Turnaround time could fluctuate according to the avenue of transcription as well as the patient inflow at any particular time

Number of medical transcriptionists employed: This would rely on the anticipated online medical transcription requirements

Resources for healthcare transcription: The resources considered necessary for in-house online medical transcription would comprise:

  1. Real estate
  2. Computers, furniture and equipments
  3. Utilities, like electricity, Internet charges etc.
  4. Consumables
  5. Taxes and benefits for employees
  6. Management, human resources, technology and other assorted staff
  7. Working capital. 
Expense per line of transcription: The expenditure per line of transcription needs to be estimated covering the allocation of the above listed resources used for online medical transcription

System for organizing overflow/holiday/weekend transcription demands: Considering that the volume of online medical transcription needed cannot be foreseen due to the diverse inflow of patients, the wasted capacity during slack times and the overtime paid during busy times needs to be computed

Once health facilities have taken a look at the current situation regarding medical transcription, the next step would be, specifying the desired outcomes from the contracting out resolution:

  • Minimum or no investment: Outsourcing healthcare transcription should mandate very little outlay so that healthcare practices can optimize their limited resources to improve their most important business
  • Conservation on expenditure of online medical transcription: One of the key desired outcomes from the sub contracting resolution is the substantial optimizations on cost that healthcare practices hope to make, in terms of both direct and indirect expense of online medical transcription
  • Least resources considered necessary: Outsourcing healthcare transcription should ensure lowest requirement of overheads like administration staff, support staff etc.
  • First-rate standard exact medical transcription: The correctness of the details transcribed in the patient records is obligated to be as close to 100% as possible to facilitate health professionals to deliver superb medical care
  • Speedy and efficient delivery time: Health professionals rely on details from patient reports to make healthcare plans and the particulars from patient transcripts is also vital for receivables management, therefore the turnaround time commitments offered by the medical transcription vendor should fit the explicit demands of health facilities
  • Confidential online medical transcription: Security of secure patient information is one of the major concerns that arise during the outsourcing procedure. It is important for the vendor to have adequate provisions with regards to people, operations and technology
  • Least training: Health professionals and support staff are starved of time, the methods used by the medical transcription service provider should take this into deliberation, so that the methods utilized for medical transcription should be configured so as to mandate minimal training
  • Allowing use of adaptable methods of dictation: One of the desired outcomes results of the online medical transcription sub contracting method is that of healthcare professionals being facilitated to retain accustomed modes of dictation permitting them right use of their limited time
  • Transcripts in denoted formats/templates: Various areas of medicine/health professionals require patient reports to be generated in denoted templates/formats, it is critical to locate a medical transcription company that can produce patient records based on requirements.
TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced healthcare transcription sector provides tailored solutions to the healthcare transcription needs of health facilities. TransDyne provides excellent medical transcription at reasonable prices, performed by knowledgeable and qualified transcriptionists with a very timely delivery time performed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with software and tools that is advanced but effortless to operate!             

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Online medical transcription outsourcing: Creating a synchronistic effect

The health management exercise is not only complicated it is also an incredibly elaborate and precise exercise. Being a crucial service medical care has to impart quality services every time! Health management relies on components from multiple sections to be able to deliver superb health management every time. Therefore it becomes crucial for health facilities to settle upon the focus areas and contract out the rest. This helps them not only direct on their main business better, but also reduces costs and hastens cash flow. 

Medical transcription is one such component that is a crucial contributor to the health management exercise, but not part of the main competence of the healthcare facility. Sub contracting online medical transcription creates synergies that result in improved medical care services and easing the drain on healthcare facilities in several vital areas.

What is the synergistic impact created by sub contracting online medical transcription?
The word synergy has been classified as the value of culmination that is much greater than the actual sum worth of the components. Contracting out medical transcription can be quoted as a good example of synergy. By sub contracting medical transcription, not only does the healthcare facility profit from exact, speedy, cost-effective and confidential formation of patient transcripts, contracting out also provides other benefits like:

Accessibility of a pool of qualified medical transcriptionists: The caliber of patient reports is dependent on the accessibility of qualified medical transcriptionists.  To create a group of trained medical transcriptionists would involve a prolonged process of selecting the optimum talent and training them.  By outsourcing health facilities effectively have open access to trained medical transcriptionists as considered necessary without having to go through the process of recruiting and training. This generates a synergy of bigger pool of ability for health facilities to draw on as considered necessary without in fact having them on the rolls thus reducing a lot of problems.

Curtailing of technology expenditure for medical transcription: The next ingredient that makes an impact to standard of online medical transcription in terms of swiftness and security is technology. Technology has an enormous responsibility to perform in the online medical transcription exercise. Outsourcing voice transcription enables health facilities full use of the information technology evolved by the voice transcription company for transcription without having to make a substantial outlay. Healthcare practices can enjoy the benefits of technology without the substantial outlay involved in developing and maintaining it.

Leveraged environment: Medical transcription in-house would require outlay in technology, capital equipment and working capital. By contracting out medical transcription healthcare practices can leverage on the investment made by the voice transcription company in these quarters and focus these resources on the core business

Pay per line: One of the main plus points of contracting out medical transcription is that healthcare facilities can limit the expense of transcription to just the expenditure per line as charged by the online medical transcription service provider. Basically this implies that they do not have to worry about considerations like efficiency, downtime, overtime, and extra charges for weekend/holiday/overflow transcription

Expense control and increased fund flow: Not only does outsourcing voice transcription restrict expenditure to expense per line of transcription; it also reduces the cost per line substantially by as much as 40% to 60%. The other gain of contracting out online medical transcription is that the due to the fast creation of patient transcripts the practice of settlement can also be accelerated, enhancing fund flow.

Confidentiality of patient records:  Securing confidential patient reports are one of the key doubts of healthcare practices. This data is especially susceptible during the online medical transcription practice. Contracting out medical transcription to the right transcription vendor makes sure that the patient reports are protected by adequate measures with reference to manpower, functions and software and tools

It can be determined that contracting out medical transcription has a tandem result by permitting healthcare practices to leverage on the skills and assets of the medical transcription vendor. To reap the utmost profit out of the outsourcing practice it is important to source the optimum transcription vendor.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced online medical transcription industry provides tailor made solutions to the voice transcription requirements of health facilities. TransDyne provides excellent medical transcription at reasonable prices, performed by knowledgeable and skilled medical transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time carried out through confidential HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is superior but easy to use!                   

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