Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Online medical transcription contracting out: Leverage the transcription vendor’s experience

Online medical transcription is the process of transcribing patient records by converting audio files dictated by the health professional of the patient-physician meeting into text format. Medical transcription is a crucial ingredient of the health management process offering inputs for the functional as well as economical considerations of medical care.

However medical transcription is a expert skill that requires the right combination of people skills  & know-how, the optimum equipments and the optimum process to meet the standards of being correct, fast, safe and effortless to use.

One easy answer to ensure that patient records are correctly, promptly and safely produced, while still containing costs is to outsource voice transcription to an seasoned online medical transcription service provider. By contracting out medical transcription to a transcription vendor, healthcare facilities can gain from on the online medical transcription service provider’s experience and expertise.

How does sub contracting online medical transcription help healthcare practices gain from the service provider’s track record and know-how?

To understand how contracting out supports healthcare practices take advantage on the service provider’ experience and proficiency, it is vital to understand what are the elements of accurate, quick, secure and cost-effective voice transcription.

The elements accurate, prompt, secure and cost-effective online medical transcription are:

Teams: The standard of voice transcription is reliant on the standard of transcriptionists to a sizeable level. Building up the optimum pool would basically concern the following activities:

  1. Recruitment: Sourcing and recruiting the right talent
  2. Training: Developing the talent to deliver the best caliber work
  3. Allocation of work: Work allocation to medical transcriptionists should be based on the specialties they have been trained on, to make sure of optimum accuracy and turnaround time. 
By sub contracting voice transcription, health facilities essentially have access to the optimum people without actually having to through the process of sourcing, recruiting, training transcriptionists. Health facilities can gain from on the human resource development skills and know-how of the service provider.

Technology: Software and tools performs an important responsibility by accelerating up the exercise, securing the information during the transcription method and saving time of the healthcare professionals and support staff. The responsibility of information technology in medical transcription includes:

  1. Dictation: Capturing the narration of the physicians by numerous modes
  2. Uploading: Uploading dictation files for transmission to the transcription vendor
  3. Downloading: Retrieving finished reports
  4. Distribution: Distribution of patient records to health professionals
  5. Archives: Retrieving old files from the system
  6. Additional plus points: Features like electronic signature, remote printing & faxing, HL7 interface etc
  7. Security: Provisions like encryption, virus protection, firewalls etc
  8. Speed: To make sure of fast delivery time. 
Outsourcing online medical transcription services allows healthcare practices to gain from on the technology developed by the medical transcription company to avail benefits like speed, safety and ease of deployment.

Procedures: Online medical transcription is required to follow a specific process to be prompt, correct, protected and cost-effective. The processes occupied in medical transcription include:

  1. Correctness procedures: To accomplish the desired quality levels reports have to be checked at several phases like proofreader, editor and accuracy assurance group.
  2. Security: To safeguard confidential patient details, the service provider has to have processes in place to make sure of absolute HIPAA compliance. 
Contracting out medical transcription enables healthcare facilities to benefit from the procedures honed by the service provider through their track record in fulfilling the needs of healthcare facilities

Setup: Online medical transcription requires infrastructure like:

  1. Space: Real estate allocated for voice transcription
  2. Transcription equipments:  Computers, servers, foot pedals, headphones and software are required for transcription.
  3. Furniture & utilities: Tables, chairs and utilities like power etc. 
Contracting out online medical transcription allows health facilities to avoid commitment in non-voice transcription related infrastructure.

It can be concluded that by outsourcing online medical transcription, healthcare practices can leverage on the know-how and track record of the transcription vendor. This helps healthcare practices in limiting the expenses of voice transcription to the expenditure per line of transcription. Not only this they would also save as much as 40% to 60% on the costs of in-house transcription. To gain from the maximum benefits of sub contracting voice transcription it is crucial to source the optimum medical transcription vendor, based on criteria like correctness, delivery time, confidentiality, costs and software and tools.

TransDyne provides excellent voice transcription at cost-effective rates, finished by expert transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is advanced but simple to operate!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthcare transcription contracting out: Providing centered services

The exercise of providing superb medical care is aided by several inputs, consisting of the background, experience, skill sets of health professionals & support staff, various diagnostic devices, tests/procedures, drugs/formulations and details from patient records.  Healthcare transcription is the process of transcribing patient reports from the audio records of health professionals’ encounter with patients.

Healthcare transcription is basically the scribe that reports all the nuances of the practice of patient care, consisting of all details like patient demographics, the symptoms, the diagnosis, treatment prescribed and the progress made by the patient. However voice transcription is not part of the main activities of the healthcare practice, hence it is more effectual and economical for the healthcare facility to outsource voice transcription.

Contracting out medical transcription empowers the healthcare facility to focus on its core activity of providing quality health management.  Contracting out voice transcription also helps the health facility source services that are customized to their explicit requirements without having to assign internal resources to this process.

Contracting out voice transcription is not only prudent but also essential. Medical transcription is a practice, which requires the optimum inputs in the form of the correct method, corrects teams and the right information technology. As healthcare transcription is the core business of the company, the service provider is likely to have the optimum resources in place to impart healthcare transcription with the correct quality, within a realistic turnaround time, through private channels, using the correct software and tools and at cost-effective rates.

By outsourcing voice transcription the healthcare facility is basically outsourcing all the steps needed to make excellent patient records.

What are the phases required to make sure of correctness, timely, secure and economical patient transcripts?

The right manpower: One of the key elements of accurate voice transcription is the skill of the medical transcriptionists. Creating teams of skilled medical transcriptionists is a long drawn exercise involving of selection of and training the correct talent   and improving   their skills to make them domain experts. By sub contracting healthcare transcription, this responsibility is basically passed on to the vendor

The optimum infrastructure: The medical transcription exercise needs the optimum infrastructure support like the computers, headphones, servers, and foot pedals, real estate that is secure and information technology for the voice transcription exercise. By sub contracting healthcare transcription the health facility is basically eliminating an important segment of the infrastructure mandated for in-house medical transcription

The right procedure: To fulfill the excellent conditions of being timely confidential and accurate, medical transcription is required to follow a specific process of having quality guidelines, accuracy check procedures, HIPAA compliance provisions to ensure HIPAA/HITECH compliance and having medical transcriptionists available around the clock to take care of healthcare transcription requirements. Contracting out medical transcription fundamentally frees up the healthcare practice’s administration from this responsibility

The right software and tools: The transcription exercise requires the correct software and tools to make it quick and secure. Moreover having the right information technology empowers the health professionals and the support staff to optimize on time and efforts by providing further benefits like variable means of dictations, preprogrammed retrievals & uploads, remote faxing & printing etc.

Contracting out medical transcription to the optimum healthcare transcription company has benefits beyond just costs saving on healthcare transcription costs. Therefore it becomes essential to locate the optimum service provider so that healthcare facilities can benefit from the sub contracting practice.

TransDyne offers excellent medical transcription at economical prices, performed by knowledgeable and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very prompt delivery time carried out through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with technology that is superior but effortless to use!             

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting: How it enriches the daily processes of healthcare practices

Online transcription has a valuable function to perform in the practice of providing quality healthcare. Healthcare transcription is the exercise of making permanent patient reports from the dictation of the patient-healthcare professionals meeting. A healthcare facility is met with numerous choices for availing this service. Medical transcription can be a component of the health facility’s daily processes; can be availed from independent contractors or by contracting out to a professional healthcare transcription vendor, or a combination of any of the methods. Though having online transcription in –house and executed through independent contractors has a few advantages, contracting out online transcription to a professional healthcare transcription service provider has been found to be the most beneficial.

What are benefits of contracting out medical transcription?

Boosts operational productivity: Sub contracting online transcription not only assists in optimizing the output of the healthcare professionals, but also has the advantage of cutting the burden of several sections within the health facility. The making of patient reports is regular, without interrupting the operations of the healthcare professionals and other support staff

Assists strategize resources: By contracting out medical transcription, a healthcare practice would be able to organize its scant assets to reap utmost benefits. Resources like management, technology, real estate etc are freed up when online transcription is outsourced. This results in better utilization of limited assets

Enriches competence of service: Outsourcing healthcare transcription aids improve caliber of medical care services by providing prompt and correct details and also helping the healthcare professionals and other support staff to focus on the healthcare process by allowing them to utilize their scant time in the finest way feasible

Refines revenues: Outsourcing online transcription helps increase finances by restricting costs and speeding the receivables management cycle

Boosts access to details: The information contained in patient transcripts is used by various healthcare professionals as well as support staff, throughout the course of a patient’s treatment. Contracting out medical transcription allows healthcare professionals as well as associated staff simple access to details by employing the optimum information technology. 

Helps with budgeting: Sub contracting healthcare transcription assists the administration of healthcare practices handle with tight resources by allowing them to reduce indirect expenditure that they would incur by performing medical transcription in-house

Improves delivery time: Contracting out medical transcription makes certain that the turnaround time between the dictation and the time when the patient reports are available is simplified. This is possible by the medical transcription vendor using the correct team, the optimum processes, and the optimum information technology

Improves coordination between numerous sections: The data in the patient reports provides inputs for usage by numerous sections. Contracting out medical transcription assists different departments like the support staff, the coding and billing department and the finance department to have access to patient transcripts through archiving provisions

Upholds records up to date: Outsourcing healthcare transcription ensures that patient transcripts are updated up to date, as all the details is maintained into the patient transcripts routinely

Enriches caliber of details: Outsourcing medical transcription makes sure that the patient-physicians meeting are captured in a descriptive form without missing any valuable data. A healthcare transcription company would have a method in place to make sure this by having more than one ear listen to the dictation and having a quality check method is in place to make certain maximum correctness

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced online transcription industry provides contracted out medical transcription with all the benefits. TransDyne offers superb online transcription at reasonable charges, executed by experienced and skilled transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time performed through confidential HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness and all this with technology that is superior but effortless to use!                
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Healthcare transcription contracting out: Refines overheads utilization

In the existing atmosphere the clinical care sector is faced with many hurdles, two of the major being preserving above average quality norms for their services and keeping up positive returns. The challenges challenged by the healthcare field in attaining these objectives are the requirement to keep updated with the current progress in the medical care industry, risk of legal action, galloping expenses, shrinking or stationary amount of settlements among other outside difficulties.

Under such conditions it makes sense for healthcare facilities to direct efforts on their principle business sphere of ensuring competent healthcare and subcontract all those tasks that are not element of the core business interest. Medical transcription plays a crucial part in the delivery of clinical care services, by making records of the patient- physician visits.  Though online transcription is important for the clinical care chain it is not element of the main capabilities of the health facility.

Sub contracting healthcare transcription not only guarantees formation of patient healthcare documents in an error-free, speedy, reasonable and private way, but also helps the healthcare providers to optimize commodity utilization.

How does contracting out online transcription capitalize on asset usage?
Sub contracting healthcare transcription is cost-effective: One of the key gains of outsourcing online transcription is the substantial outlay optimization benefit to the healthcare facility. Cost optimization is an effect of:

  1. Reduction in price due to mass production: Medical transcription is the main business concern of the medical transcription company and therefore the transcription contractor would be able to deliver superb service at diminished charges having the appropriate manpower, the right methodology and the correct software and tools in place.
  2. Skills: Having served healthcare transcription requirements of varied healthcare providers/ physicians, the transcription service provider would have enhanced their skills in offering services that are corresponding with to the precise demands of healthcare providers/ health professionals at cost-effective charges. 
Contracting out online transcription provides better deliverables: One of the main participants to excellent medical transcription services is the proficiency of the medical transcriptionists involved on the record creation. An expert medical transcription company would have recruited and taught the right talent. This would make sure that the quality levels are above average from the very start.

Sub contracting healthcare transcription provides quicker outcomes: Outsourcing healthcare transcription ensures not only quality but also appropriate delivery time. The transcription service provider would have reserves of specialist voice transcriptionists accessible to transcribe records round-the-clock making sure that patient health reports are transcribed without any blockages 

Contracting out digital transcription helps simplify practices: Contracting out online transcription guarantees that the transcription vendor would have information technology in place, which will provide supplementary plus points to streamline   the method. Utilities like transferring audio files, getting access to reports, tracking down patient files, adoption to EMR, numerous channels of transcript dissemination, and HIPAA/ HITECH compliance all through the documentation method would be delivered for by the transcription service provider.

It can be observed that contracting out online transcription supports the healthcare facilities optimize resource utilization. Health facilities can save on overheads like investment, workspace, wages & taxes, administration manpower, information technology staff and numerous other resources by contracting out digital transcription.

Sub contracting healthcare transcription to a professional online transcription contractor not only saves on cost and improves overheads use, but also speeds up the receivables cycle.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced online transcription industry has been ensuring contracted out online transcription services for over a decade, supporting healthcare providers and healthcare professionals maximize their asset use. TransDyne delivers competent medical transcription at economical prices, carried out by proficient voice transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time executed through private HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high extent of correctness of information and all this with software and tools that is advanced although easy to utilize!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Online transcription sub contracting: What is crucial quality or delivery time?

While outsourcing medical transcription what is more important precision or delivery time?
To answer this doubt, it is important to comprehend the health management process and the responsibility of online transcription in the clinical care process.

Healthcare is a service that comes with huge accountabilities being one of the elementary necessities of life - saving lives and improving quality of life. As healthcare is a service that relies on several components to guarantee caliber on a continued basis, health facilities and health professionals are continually trying to ensure improved services to their patients by enhancing amenities, bringing in recent implements and enhancing skill extent.  The process of clinical care is an ongoing one dependent upon many components, one of them being facts pertaining to patients.

Keeping in mind the dependence of health facilities and physicians on the information obtainable in patient records it is very crucial that patient transcripts are made recording most possible details. Having comprehensive transcripts of the patient- physician appointment supports health professionals and healthcare practices in the given below:

  • Maximum usage on time
  • Offering context data
  • Important information of the patient's earlier clinical chronicles
  • Existing medications, curbing mistaken drug interaction
  • Allergies
  • In case of a health management emergency, the only supply of information
  • Providing reliability of care in shift variations
  • Delivering verification in situation of malpractice suit
  • Delivering details for referrals to specialists
  • Avoiding depletion of resources by maintaining a chronicle of tests/ X rays etc
  • Delivering information for receivables management of services. 
Online transcription is the methodology of creating patient records by changing the audio files of the patient- physician session into textual structure. Online transcription aids in the medical care cycle by guaranteeing that the patient- health professional encounter is recorded in its absolute totality by a professional online transcriptionist trained to be a specialist in all the abilities demanded. Contracting out online transcription guarantees that the methodology of creating patient transcripts is a continuous and effortless process.

Keeping in mind the role-played by outsourced medical transcription services in the health management process it is vital for patient documents to create with maximum quality and confined to a realistic turnaround time.

What is implied by accuracy?
This entails the degree of precision of the transcribed reports vis-à-vis what was voiced. It is critical for the details to be recorded with highest quality, as the details in the patient documents are important to the healthcare chain.

How can the healthcare provider be made certain of pertaining to outsourced medical transcription services with utmost correctness of information?
While outsourcing healthcare transcription, one of the apprehensions of health facilities is whether the contracted out healthcare transcription service provider can offer correctness of information extent as guaranteed. To guarantee that the transcription vendor has the ability to provide correctness as promised it is important to evaluate the transcription vendor on the following:

  • Teaching methods made use of
  • Documentation accomplished in-house and not through sub contractors
  • Correctness assessment phases
  • Obtaining a free trial. 
What is delivery time?
Turnaround time is the time interval between uploading audio records to the server and when the final completed document is made accessible to the health facility/ doctor.

How can the healthcare provider be ensured of healthcare transcription services confined to realistic turnaround time?
While contracting out medical transcription it is important to establish whether the transcription contractor can offer error-free transcripts meeting the promised turnaround time, as prompt and accurate data is crucial to the delivery of superb clinical care. There are specific indicators that are required to be evaluated to make certain that the transcription contractor can satisfy turnaround time promises

  • Availability of substantial group of well-oriented and trained online transcriptionists
  • Usage of the right technology
  • In-house transcription. 
Appraising a digital medical transcription contractor according to all the above parameters will make sure that excellent patient reports are transcribed on time.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced medical transcription industry ensures contracted out medical transcription services making use of the right teams, the correct methodology and the optimum software and tools. TransDyne ensures competent medical transcription at reasonable prices, performed by experienced and proficient medical transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time accomplished using protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high percentage of accuracy and all this with software and tools that is highly developed however simple to operate!            

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Medical transcription contracting out: Offering helpful services

The procedure of healthcare is complicated and vibrant. Not only does clinical care involve constant development and breakthrough it also entails ample investment to stay current. In a scenario where healthcare practices are faced with the challenge of incessant refinement and breakthrough while grappling with limited resources and postponed settlements, outsourcing online medical transcription can provide substantial assistance.

How does contracting out voice transcription deliver assistance to healthcare practices and physicians?
Contracting out online medical transcription has lot of gains, a few of which are apparent and several of which are supplementary benefits, which are not so obvious. Healthcare transcription services aid the exercise of clinical care in various ways, several of which have been characterized below:

By forming error-free transcripts: Outsourcing healthcare transcription guarantees that highly skilled medical transcriptionists who are well oriented to be specialists form the patient reports. This guarantees that comprehensive information is documented with the greatest accuracy. Correct medical transcripts are handy in the following

  • Supports healthcare professionals deliver superb clinical care as per the data in the patient transcripts rather than count on memory/ inference/ repeated contribution from patients.
  • Aids the reimbursement process department to correctly code the data and bill for it assuring that the coding and billing starts smoothly.
  • Provides the detailed description of the clinical care process as verification in scenario of legal action. 
By creating quick records: Physicians expect data that is not only accurate but also timely so as to take action for the medical care specifications of the patients. Outsourcing medical transcription makes sure that patient transcripts are made on time and conveyed instantaneously to health facilities. Healthcare transcription companies are proficient at satisfy turnaround time demands employing the appropriate teams, processes and the appropriate information technology.

By offering technology that is effortless to utilize: Physicians have various claims on their limited time. Sub contracting healthcare transcription assists healthcare professionals capitalize on their limited time by providing technology with the given here plus points:

  • Variable means of dictation
  • Preprogrammed upload of audio records at frequent time intervals
  • Flexible avenues of transcript transfer
  • Archives. 
By guaranteeing data confidentiality: Outsourcing healthcare transcription ensures that the confidentiality of the restricted patient data is ensured for the period of the healthcare transcription procedure. This plus points the healthcare providers/ healthcare professionals in two ways. It makes sure of the continued faith of the patients in the health facility and shields the healthcare provider from litigation.

By offering HL7 interface: Sub contracting voice transcription can assist the healthcare providers secure their current investment in EMR/EHR system by having a HL7 interface.

Contracted out voice transcription services play a critical helpful responsibility in both the process related and business related aspects of offering clinical care. On the other hand while outsourcing healthcare transcription it is crucial to choose a transcription service provider who has the proficiency to not only fulfill the current needs of the healthcare provider, but also have the capacity to satisfy any upcoming demands that may come up.

TransDyne, leader in the subcontracted healthcare transcription industry offers services with the following gains:

  • TransDyne provides voice transcription with a correctness of information of above 99%
  • TransDyne guarantees a delivery time of 24 hours with an option of 4-12 hours for STAT transcripts.
  • TransDyne ensures data confidentiality by securing software and technology, methods and people.
  • TransDyne ensures a reasonable and equitable charge by charging 10 cents per line, which is calculated by making use of the character line pricing method.
  • TransDyne maintains large, well-prepared reserves of voice transcriptionists, which let them to deal with fluctuating amounts of work
  • TransDyne provides voice transcription services by utilizing the most recent technology that is advanced and easy to operate.
  • TransDyne utilizes the character line billing method that is supportable, definable, quantifiable, reliable and equitable & trustworthy
  • TransDyne has the references of their success stories reachable for viewing on their website. 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Online medical transcription contracting out and risk management

Online medical transcription outsourcing and managing legal issues are very closely related. Managing legal issues involves curbing the perils concerned in the health management method and voice transcription is the sequence of transcribing patient records from the dictation files narrated by the doctors of their appointment with the patient.  Online medical transcription by its very characteristics is an activity that mandates delicate treatment and would affect managing legal cases 

It is a recognized reality that the patient- health professional liaison is inviolable and is founded on the basis of the healthcare professional/ health facility's capability to safeguard the security of the restricted patient particulars. Safeguarding the confidentiality of the patient data is not only a moral obligation is also needed by law. HIPAA has mandated specific regulations for shielding confidential patient details. The HITECH provisions that have become effective in the recent past have provisions that elaborate on HIPAA and have provided HIPAA added arsenal to punish offenders.

Sub contracting voice transcription has been found to be one of the most seamless, convenient and cost-effective methods of transcribing patient reports. But sub contracting medical transcription to a third party medical transcription company causes certain fears pertaining to HIPAA compliance.

Except that choosing the medical transcription vendor with highest vigilance can assuage these concerns. This will guarantee that the online medical transcription service provider:

  1. Is well versed with the needs of HIPAA/ HITECH
  2. Has provisions in place to make certain of total HIPAA& HITECH compliance. 
Guaranteeing that the subcontracted online medical transcription vendor is HIPAA compliant will also assist with the practice of managing legal issues.

How can outsourced online medical transcription service aid in the cycle of managing litigation issues?
To grasp how contracted out medical transcription aids in risk management it is vital to grasp the maxims of risk management and how contracted out healthcare transcription services assists in the cycle.

The maxims of risk management are as following:

  • Generate utility
  • Be an fundamental constituent of the establishment process
  • Be element of decision making
  • Clearly attend to misunderstanding
  • Orderly and disciplined
  • Based on finest reachable information
  • Tailored
  • Keeping in mind human aspects
  • Transparent and comprehensive
  • Ever-changing and reactive to change
  • Incessant development and enhancement
Contracted out medical transcription helps the healthcare facilities in the managing legal cases cycle serving all the underlying philosophy of risk management in the cycle healthcare transcription.

Contracting out medical transcription guarantees:
  • Medical transcripts are created by with utmost correctness of information. Contracting out voice transcription ensures this by employing medical transcriptionists who are professionals in the medical specialties they are transcribing in. supplementary accuracy is guaranteed by having a numerous level quality check guaranteeing maximum accuracy. The details recorded in the patient transcripts are obligated to be error-free as it develops into a part of substantiation in scenario of legal action.
  • Healthcare transcripts are made on time. The voice transcription vendor ensures appropriate delivery time by utilizing the optimum human resources, the correct process and the correct software and technology. This makes certain that healthcare professionals have the data required by them for developing plans for the patient's health management, on time. This supports in dealing with risks
  • Medicine related documents are formed securely. Another factor of managing litigation issues is safeguarding the security of patient data. Outsourced medical transcription aids in this point by having provisions in place to shield patient particulars by securing people, process and software and tools. 
Sub contracting healthcare transcription to the optimum transcription contractor not only support healthcare practices in several factors of managing legal issues it also assists the healthcare providers save on costs, augment attentiveness on principle business and help ensure multiple plus points by employing the appropriate software and tools.

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted online medical transcription line of work delivers complete options to fit fluctuating necessities of different kinds of healthcare facilities. TransDyne has resources of voice transcriptionists who are educated in varied specialties, making them domain professionals. This makes sure that TransDyne can handle medical transcription for any medical specialty with a correctness of information level of above 99%. TransDyne offers a turnaround time of 24 hours with an arrangement of a delivery time of 4-12 hours for STAT files.

TransDyne has the technical proficiencies to integrate with the existing systems of healthcare providers, requiring no supplementary investments. TransDyne delivers online medical transcription for weekends and holidays, and has manpower and methods in place to handle unpredictable quantities. TransDyne has information technology that provides added features like archiving, remote printing & faxing among other gains. TransDyne guarantees security of confidential patient particulars, by safeguarding teams processes, infrastructure and software and technology

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Medical transcription contracting out: Delivering effectual services

Much has been said pertaining to healthcare, one frequently disregarded aspect regarding clinical care is that, it is a business entity despite of being a life & death/ standard of life augmenting service. Equivalent to any further business entity the objectives of healthcare practices are clear-cut; to be adept at offer quality clinical care services while still sustaining a healthy returns. To facilitate accomplish these purpose it is critical for healthcare practices to prioritize on their main pursuits and outsource all other activities that are not part of the core business.

Sub contracting non-core endeavors will have an influence on the points given here:

  • Enhanced concentration on the principle business of delivering excellent healthcare
  • Reducing allocation of limited resources on non-core endeavors. 
The clinical care sequence is a complicated one, taking elements from various contributors to conclude the process of providing superb health management. One such component that contributes significantly to the healthcare sequence is the particulars documented in patient reports. Online medical transcription is the method of creating patient healthcare transcripts by transforming the dictation files of the patient-doctor meeting into typed shape. Patient documents are not only vital for providing continued healthcare to patients they also portray a critical part in the sequence of receivables.

However voice transcription is a procedure that entails the right combination of people, sequences and information technology to be capable of being accurate, timely, secure and cost effective. To be capable of creating online medical transcription that satisfies all these criteria, the health facility has to dedicate a substantial segment of its overheads like financial commitment, manpower, time and other overheads to the sequence of online medical transcription.

Outsourcing medical transcription has been proven to be a convenient resolution for the medical transcription specifications of healthcare facilities without sacrificing correctness of information and HIPAA& HITECH compliance parameters. In fact sub contracting medical transcription has been proven to curb both direct and indirect charges incurred for in-house online medical transcription.

How does outsourcing voice transcription offer effectual alternatives?
The word effective has been defined as producing or capable of producing a predetermined conclusion. By this explanation outsourced voice transcription services are convenient. They meet the parameters made use of to assess medical transcription:

Quality: Sub contracting online medical transcription ensures that patient records are created with highest quality. The online medical transcription contractor would ensure quality by having a well-prepared team of voice transcriptionists working on the documents and by having a convenient accuracy method to guarantee oversights are minimized.

Delivery time: Outsourcing voice transcription would make sure of timely formation of patient reports by making use of the appropriate information technology, the correct method and the optimum people. Satisfying turnaround time criteria would make sure that the process of offering clinical care is unhindered and also make sure that the sequence of settlements happens on time.

Security: Protecting the HIPAA compliance of patient reports is an important point for healthcare facilities. By sub contracting healthcare transcription the burden of offering for the security of patient particulars during the transcription procedure is on the transcription contractor. The voice transcription company would competently make HIPAA& HITECH compliance of patient details sure of by conserving sequences, information technology and the manpower.

Lowering expenditure: Contracting out online medical transcription ensures that not only is the charge per line of transcription lowered by 40%-50% but also is confined to the charge per line of transcription. All indirect and operating costs expenses are eliminated

Other benefits: Apart from being correct, prompt, protected and affordable, outsourced medical transcription provides other plus points due to the software and technology employed, like:

  • Keeping on using accustomed forms of dictation
  • Archives
  • Adaptable modes of document transfer
  • Remote printing and faxing
  • HL7 interface etc. 
TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced healthcare transcription industry offers comprehensive online medical transcription solutions. TransDyne delivers superb online medical transcription at cost-effective costs, carried out by experienced and trained transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time executed through safeguarded HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness of information and all this with software and tools that is highly developed but effortless to utilize!         

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