Saturday, March 31, 2012

Medical transcription: Combination of human know-how and technology

Online transcription has been conceded as an inseparable part of the medical care undertaking by creating correct, speedy, secure and economical patient reports. It has also been acknowledged that outsourcing healthcare transcription is an effortless and economic solution to make certain prompt and accurate making of patient transcripts.

However while contracting out, healthcare practices have to go through a stringent exercise of evaluation to make sure that they have gotten the optimum medical transcription vendor.  For the exercise of evaluation to be effective it is important to comprehend the parts of online transcription. This will provide the health facility the correct parameters to evaluate the service provider.

The process of online transcription comprises of the below given steps:

Input: The inputs for medical transcription come from the dictation of the patient- health professionals meeting in the form of dictation. The quality of the audio records is a critical contributor to the correctness of online transcription. The competence of audio is a blend of the optimum information technology and the dictation talents of the health professional. Thus the competence of audio records is the product of a blend of the correct information technology and the correct people talent

Procedure: The actual process of healthcare transcription involves the below given steps:

Transferring dictation: This step ensures that all the audio records are uploaded into a server to be made accessible to the online transcription service provider to initiate the medical transcription process. Technology plays an enormous role in this step of the undertaking by making the process secure, fast and easy to use for health professionals

Retrieving dictation: Downloading the audio records to begin the undertaking of medical transcription involves using the right technology. This not only makes curtains timeliness and maintaining the caliber of audio, it also makes certain security of information during the process of transmission

Listening to audio records: This segment of the exercise involves human abilities to a sizeable extent. It is crucial for transcriptionist engaged in the exercise of transcribing to have the necessary grasp pertaining the specialty being transcribed. This ensures that the medical transcriptionist has knowledge of the language, terminology, procedures, drugs and therapies associated with the specialty

Transcribing the contents of the dictation: This segment of the exercise also concerns manpower skills, as quick and exact online transcription demands that the medical transcriptionist possess keyboarding abilities, grasp of the specialty and language abilities. It also requires the transcriptionist to have multitasking abilities, since the undertaking involves listening and typing at the same time. The responsibility of information technology in this portion of the process is confined to offering the needed templates, formats, making sure audio competence and supporting with research as and when needed.

Running correctness checks on the transcribed files: Running accuracy checks on the reports concerns manpower abilities, as it is the application of framework and checking on the subject matter. This demands listening abilities, concentration and thinking-on-your feet skills.

Output: In healthcare transcription the output is the patient report created during the medical transcription undertaking. These records need to be delivered back to the healthcare facility and further distributed to the optimum healthcare professionals. The exercise of sending finished transcripts in a fast, secure and efficient manner involves the use of technology. Software and tools adds additional plus points by making it possible to print reports at a remote location, instant transmission by faxing, and easy retrieval by creating archives, assimilation with EMR through HL7 interface etc. 

It can be seen that online transcription is a blend of people expertise and the right technology. The undertaking of healthcare transcription would be lacking without either of these parts. The skill set of the transcriptionists contributes to the correctness, speediness and to a certain degree to the confidentiality of the patient records. Software and tools contributes to the turnaround time, ease of employing and confidentiality of the online transcription exercise. Both technology and the human abilities occupied contribute to reducing the costs per line of online transcription. Therefore it is crucial to select an online transcription service provider who has the right mix of information technology and people abilities.

TransDyne delivers online transcription service with a blend of the correct technology and the optimum team. TransDyne offers excellent medical transcription at economical prices, performed by knowledgeable and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time carried out through private HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with software and tools that is advanced but simple to utilize!                

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Digital medical transcription contracting out: What is critical precision or turnaround time?

While sub contracting healthcare transcription what is more significant quality or delivery time?

To respond to this doubt, it is important to grasp the health management cycle and the role of digital medical transcription in the healthcare sequence.

Health management is a service that comes with immense liabilities being one of the fundamental needs of life - saving lives and increasing standard of life. As health management is a service that counts on multiple elements to make sure of competence on a sustained basis, healthcare providers and physicians are always attempting to impart enhanced services to their patients by improving conveniences, incorporating current equipments and making better expertise degree.  The sequence of healthcare is a continuous one depending on several elements, one of them being information about patients.

Considering the reliance of healthcare providers and healthcare professionals on the facts available in patient reports it is very vital that patient documents are created capturing highest data. Having comprehensive records of the patient- doctor encounter assists health professionals and healthcare providers in the described below:

  • Optimization on time
  • Ensuring the framework of all details
  • Crucial particulars of the patient's previous medical empirical records
  • Current medications, preventing incorrect drug interaction
  • Allergies
  • In circumstance of a medical care emergency, the only reserve of particulars
  • Providing stability of care in shift changes
  • Providing verification in scenario of legal action
  • Delivering data for referrals to specialists
  • Avoiding wastage of assets by maintaining a documentation of tests/ X rays etc
  • Ensuring data for coding and billing of services
Medical transcription is the procedure of transcribing patient reports by converting the dictation recordings of the patient- healthcare professional appointment into typed format. Online transcription assists in the clinical care process by ensuring that the patient- health professional visit is transcribed in its whole totality by a professional medical transcriptionist well prepared to be an professional expert in all the expertise demanded. Outsourcing medical transcription makes certain that the procedure of forming patient records is a regular and efficient exercise.

Considering the part played by outsourced online transcription services in the healthcare chain it is important for patient reports to transcribed with most possible accuracy and limited to a logical delivery time.

What is meant by precision?
This means the extent of quality of the complete records vis-à-vis what was dictated. It is crucial for the particulars to be transcribed with most possible precision, as the details in the patient reports are crucial to the medical care cycle.

How can the healthcare provider be made sure of about subcontracted digital medical transcription services with utmost accuracy?
While contracting out medical transcription, one of the concerns of healthcare facilities is whether the contracted out online transcription contractor can provide accuracy percentage as undertaken. To make certain that the transcription service provider has the capability to deliver excellence as assured it is critical to evaluate the medical transcription company on the described below:

  • Guidance methods employed
  • Record creation carried out in-house and not through sub contractors
  • Quality check levels
  • Availing a free trial
What is delivery time?
Delivery time is the time interval between uploading dictation files to the server and when the final transcribed transcript is made accessible to the healthcare practice/ doctor.

How can the healthcare facility be promised of healthcare transcription services limited to realistic turnaround time?
While sub contracting medical transcription it is vital to investigate whether the transcription contractor can deliver error-free transcripts within the promised delivery time, as speedy and accurate particulars is crucial to the delivery of competent clinical care. There are certain signs that are required to be assessed to make certain that the transcription contractor can serve turnaround time assurances

  • Availability of sizable group of well-oriented and proficient online transcriptionists
  • Usage of the optimum technology
  • Captive transcription
Appraising a digital medical transcription vendor according to all the above standards will guarantee that excellent patient records are transcribed on time.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced online transcription industry ensures contracted out online transcription services making use of the appropriate people, the correct procedure and the optimum information technology. TransDyne ensures quality medical transcription at reasonable costs, performed by accomplished and skilled medical transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time performed through protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high percentage of quality and all this with technology that is improved however simple to employ!                 

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting: Delivering skilled services

The aim of healthcare facilities is to deliver superb clinical care while concurrently maintaining returns. Healthcare is an exercise, which needs various skilled components whether it is the contribution of proficient healthcare professionals, technicians, nursing staff, support staff, laboratory options or particulars from patient reports. It becomes imperative for healthcare providers to prioritize on their core proficiency and contract out the additional endeavors to specialist service providers.

The exercise of healthcare transcription, which assists in creating patient documents, is one such task. The most advantageous solution to guarantee exact, speedy, HIPAA compliant and economical formation of patient documents is to contract out to an expert online medical transcription vendor.

Expert healthcare transcription options

What is indicated by proficient online medical transcription solutions?
The word "skilled" has been characterized as owning, pertaining to or connected to wonderful skill, deftness or know-how as the result of training and credentials. By this definition subcontracted healthcare transcription alternatives can be classified as skilled alternatives. Online medical transcription is the outcome of correct manpower, the optimum process and the appropriate information technology.

The optimum teams: The exactness and the turnaround time required for specialist healthcare transcription is the result of the appropriate human resources. To fulfill the quality standards needed in voice transcription, the voice transcriptionists expect comprehension of medical terminology, above average English, typing abilities, excellent listening expertise, Internet savvy and multi tasking abilities. This entails an extensive teaching program to make the transcriptionists highly skilled. Contracting out voice transcription guarantees that proficient medical transcriptionists embark on making of patient reports, no matter what the specialty or the magnitude of transcription.

The right process: Healthcare transcription is not a one-time service; it is a regular exercise. The method of healthcare transcription continues as long as there are patients expecting health management. Voice transcription needs to abide by the correct exercise to make sure that the patient documents are created within the acceptable time without giving up the accuracy or confidentiality. To deal with the unpredictable demands online medical transcription vendors have an exercise in place that makes certain that patient documents are made not only on time, but all the details of the patient-health professional meeting are transcribed precisely.

The right software and technology: Technology has a significant responsibility to parlay in the process of medical transcription. It not only makes sure of alacrity and confidentiality but also adds convenience to the method by making it simple for physicians and other support staff to employ, but also by offering plus points like archives, comfortable means of dictation, remote printing & faxing, adoption of EMR etc.

By using the correct mixture of teams, processes and software and technology outsourced voice transcription options certainly meets the criteria as a skilled service. Timely, protected, economical, correct and technically confident medical transcription is the effect of skill, training and experience.

TransDyne ensures excellent online medical transcription at reasonable rates, performed by seasoned and trained transcriptionists with a very swift delivery time executed through HIPAA compliant HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with software and tools that is improved but effortless to use!              

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting: Offering complete and cost-effective services

The healthcare field is vibrant with relentlessly growing demands, recent developments, new inventions and latest discoveries. It is also an industry that has to perform controlled by numerous timelines and stringent code of ethics. The relentless endeavor of most health facilities is to maintain high parameters of service, trying to keep the revenues in the black, all this while performing within a rigorous code of ethics.

The exercise of healthcare is based on multiple ingredients to be proficient at deliver quality health management. One of the essential components leading to the successful provision of superb medical care is information from patient records. Healthcare transcription is the undertaking of transcribing patient records from the audio files of the healthcare professional’s narration of his/her meeting with the patient. Correct and prompt formation of patient transcripts is not only crucial for excellent healthcare, but also important for coding and billing and as substantiation in case of litigation.

Contracting out medical transcription makes certain that the healthcare practice offers complete and cost-effective services for its documentation needs.

How does outsourcing healthcare transcription deliver all-inclusive solutions?
Contracting out medical transcription delivers complete services for documenting patient-healthcare professional encounters, including:

  • Accuracy: Sub contracting voice transcription makes certain that the patient records are produced with highest quality possible. Employing of medical transcriptionists trained to be domain experts and stringent accuracy verifications comprising several stages comprising transcriptionists, proof readers, unit-in charges and the correctness check team makes sure that more than one set of trained “ears” listen to the audio files and try to encapsulate the utmost details possible

  • Delivery time: Separate from the accuracy of data in patient records, it is also vital that the information is open to the healthcare professionals on time. Outsourcing healthcare transcription makes certain that delivery time commitments are adhered to by using the correct manpower, optimum processes and the optimum information technology

  • Specific branch of medicine transcription: Transcriptionists trained to be specialists in one or two several areas of medicine ensure that as recent specialties are added to the healthcare facility, there are qualified manpower open to deliver accurate and prompt transcription 

  • Weekend and Holiday transcription: Outsourcing voice transcription offers makes certain that the service is available to the healthcare practices round the clock, including holiday and weekend transcription demands

  • Managing with varying amounts of transcription demands: It is unfeasible to predict the inflow of patients. And voice transcription needs are contingent on the inflow of patients. Therefore it is impossible to anticipate the healthcare transcription requirements. Contracting out ensures that health facilities can rest easy on coping with differing volumes of transcription

  • Formats/Templates: Health professionals mandate patient reports in exact formats or templates. Sub contracting medical transcription makes certain that the specifications mandated by the healthcare professionals is taken into consideration

  • Archive: Most healthcare facilities support staff and sometimes, physicians expend an enormous amount of time tracing records. Sub contracting to an expert voice transcription service provider makes certain that they have archives making it easy to locate and retrieve reports

  • Preferred methods of dictation: Most health professionals are starved of time, outsourcing healthcare transcription assists them manage their time by letting them to retain habitual methods of dictation

  • Organizing record flow: Contracting out medical transcription ensures that health professionals and support staff save on time expended on transferring audio files and downloading transcripts by having a system in place that empowers all these functions

  • Remote printing & faxing: Outsourcing healthcare transcription also makes sure that the physicians may obtain features like remote faxing and printing easing their burden

  • HL7 Interface: Outsourcing healthcare transcription also makes certain that health facilities can protect their outlay in EMR/EHR by HL7 integration

  • Security: Securing confidential patient data is one of the major concerns of healthcare facilities. Contracting out voice transcription ensures the HIPAA compliance of this information throughout the voice transcription exercise by safeguarding people, processes and infrastructure.
How is contracting out healthcare transcription cost-effective?

  • Restricts cost by more than 40%: By sub contracting healthcare transcription, health facilities can save more than 40% on their existing costs

  • Lowers expenses to expenditure per line: Contracting out medical transcription also lowers the cost of transcription to the price per line and makes certain that surplus costs like overheads, utilities, administration resources, information technology expenditure are curtailed.
It can be concluded that outsourcing medical transcription offers a comprehensive and reasonably priced solution to the report creation requirements of healthcare practices.

TransDyne offers superb voice transcription at reasonable charges, executed by experienced and skilled medical transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time performed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with technology that is highly developed but effortless to utilize!                

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Healthcare transcription sub contracting: Offering economical services

Quality health management is based on the foundation of the education, skills, experience of healthcare professionals, proper implements, and the optimum drugs and details regarding the patient’s health condition. Online transcription participates a crucial part in the exercise of health management by creating patient transcripts transforming the dictation files of the patient-healthcare professional meeting into typed format.

Patient reports work as context points in the following areas:

  • Providing demographic data of the patient
  • Past and present symptoms exhibited by the patient
  • Details of past examinations/tests/ procedures
  • Past diagnosis/ treatments
  • Drugs & formulations prescribed
  • Allergy information
  • Pre-existing conditions
It is vital that patient records be produced on a quick basis, summarizing utmost data exactly. Online transcription is the exercise of patient record creation. Though playing such an important function in the healthcare practice, medical transcription adds to the costs. Considering this, it is crucial for healthcare facilities to contain the costs of medical transcription to the highest degree feasible without compromising quality, security or delivery time.

How can online transcription be made reasonably priced?

Contracting out medical transcription to a professional transcription vendor can not only aid the health facility minimize expenditure per line of medical transcription, but also reduce overheads that would be incurred by having healthcare transcription in-house.

How is contracting out online transcription economical?

To find out whether sub contracting medical transcription is truly cost-effective it is crucial to understand the meaning of the word economical. The word cost-effective has been characterized as utilizing the minimum of time or resources necessary for efficacy.

Contracting out online transcription is an economical service for the documentation needs of a healthcare facility. Contracting out online transcription aids the health facility economize in the below given areas:

Helps reduce costs per line of online transcription: Outsourcing online transcription helps minimize the expenses per line of online transcription by as much as 40%-60%. Apart from that sub contracting online transcription also helps the healthcare practice control expenses to the extent the service is used. Extra expenditure like overtime payment for high quantities or wastage due to idle capacity are circumvented.

Aids reduce indirect expenditure of in-house healthcare transcription: Online transcription requires deployment of resources like transcriptionist recruitment & training expenditure, real estate expenditure, costs of online transcription devices, expenses of utilities, expenses of working capital, expenditure of IT and management resources etc. By contracting out healthcare transcription all these expenditure can be avoided.

Saves the time of health professionals: Outsourcing online transcription helps save time of physicians in the following ways:

  • Letting them to operate preferred means of dictation
  • Curtailing time spent reading and editing records by keeping up correctness
  • Making better productivity by having features like remote printing and faxing
Optimizes the time of other support staff: Contracting out healthcare transcription assists save the time of support staff by offering the following advantages:

  • Powerful archiving facilities
  • Having HIPAA/HITECH compliant measures in place to make certain security of details
  • By letting automatic uploads of dictation and preset retrievals of records by using competent technology
  • Having choices for integration with EMR/EHR
  • Having a clear and well-defined costing methods, making it easier to reconcile accounts
It can be determined that sub contracting online transcription is a cost-effective solution to the report creation demands of a health facility.

TransDyne is a leading provider of outsourced healthcare transcription services that are cost-effective, efficient and convenient. TransDyne offers superb medical transcription at reasonable charges, performed by experienced and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time carried out through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is advanced but simple to utilize!             

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Medical transcription sub contracting: Smart economical decision

Medical care has continually played an important input in classifying the caliber of life. In reality it is considered one of the basic needs of life along with other essentials like breathing, water, food, clothing and housing. Though healthcare is one of the needs of life it is also an economical venture. Like any other commercial enterprise the aim of health facilities is to improve the profitability.

The exercise of medical care depends on a lot of inputs that help in providing superb medical care. Of these inputs some inputs are part of the main abilities that are crucial to the undertaking of healthcare like the education, skill and experience of the health professionals, the support staff talents, the surgical implements, laboratory facilities etc. But there are also other aspects that have effect on the facilitating of superb medical care, one of them being details in the form of patient reports. The exercise of forming patient transcripts by transformation of audio files of the patient- healthcare professional encounter into text format is known as medical transcription. Though healthcare transcription performs a crucial part in the provision of health management and accelerating the reimbursement process, it is not element of the main business of the healthcare practice. In truth online transcription is an expenditure head.

Outsourcing online transcription is a smart solution to make sure that patient reports are produced in a quick, exact, cost-effective and confidential manner. Outsourcing online transcription is not only a convenient, competent and economical way of making patient reports it has many other advantages.

Some of the plus points of outsourcing medical transcription are as follows:

Augmented concentration on most important business: Outsourcing online transcription lets both the health professionals and the support staff at the healthcare facility to focus on the most important business of providing superb care.

Curbs capital investment: The process of online transcription requires capital investment on computers, servers, furniture, earphones and other medical transcription equipment. This can be avoided by outsourcing the complete process of online transcription.

Restrains costs: Sub contracting medical transcription makes sure that the expenditure of online transcription is not only restricted dramatically, but also make sure that the expenses is reduced to the expenses per line of online transcription.

Improved efficacy: Sub contracting online transcription makes certain that the stream of dictation files being converted to patient transcripts is routine and fast. This perfects the efficiency of the physicians and the support staff in offering timely treatment.

Restricts the expenses on overheads: Outsourcing online transcription ensures that the expenditure of overheads like rent, utilities, costs of information technology, and even resources like management and administrative staff is cut.

Gains from best practices of the vendor: Online transcription is the main business of the service provider, this means that the healthcare facility can benefit from the track record and the best practices of the company.

Minimizes remuneration: Outsourcing healthcare transcription aids the health facility lesser salary expenses. The salaries and other advantages paid to the online transcription team can be avoided.

Produces usefulness: The systems used by the online transcription vendor adds usefulness to the service by enabling the healthcare professionals and the support staff to maximize the use of their time and delivering service with auxiliary gains like flexible means of dictation, remote printing & faxing etc.

Reduces burden of support staff: By having systems in place that empowers tracking down of dictation and finished records, the healthcare transcription company curtails the strain of the support staff to a great extent
Benefits from the technology operated by the transcription company: The software and tools operated by the online transcription company can reduce the drain of the healthcare practice to a large extent by enabling an enormous number of facilities covering assimilation with the EMR system.

Online transcription can perform a crucial contribution in the smooth running of the healthcare practice in many factors, both process related and commercially. Therefore it is critical to pick a medical transcription vendor who can provide maximum advantages in a cost-effective way.

TransDyne provides intelligent fixes for healthcare transcription requirements by offering quality online transcription at reasonable charges, carried out by experienced and trained transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time executed through private HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with software and tools that is advanced but simple to operate!                 

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Voice transcription contracting out: serving the demands of health facilities at all stages

Voice transcription is the undertaking of transcribing patient healthcare records of the patient- health professional session. It is an established fact that online medical transcription solutions aid health professionals in the facilitating of excellent medical care. And contracting out online medical transcription helps transcribe patient healthcare reports in an accurate, timely, safe and economical options.

But a lesser advertised and less acknowledged reality about contracted out healthcare transcription is how it helps the daily processes of healthcare facilities at every phase.

Outsourcing healthcare transcription has the given below plus points:

The organizational human resources:
Savings on capital outlay: Sub contracting voice transcription aids the organizational staff save on investments to a large extent, by getting rid of the obligation to expend resources in medical transcription devices and furniture desired for voice transcription.

Optimization on software and tools expenses: Financial outlay for software and technology for executing transcription in-house can be circumvented or significantly restricted by contracting out medical transcription.

Staffing benefit: Contracting out healthcare transcription helps the staff of the healthcare provider particularly the administrative and executive level staff to concentrate on the principle business interest of ensuring quality clinical care.

The transcripts management manpower:
Acquiring and retaining online transcriptionists personnel: One of the core ingredients for superb voice transcription is that of proficient and educated medical transcriptionists. Sub contracting healthcare transcription effectually surmounts the necessity to hire, train and retain the record creation team.

Turnaround time: As delivery time is ensured by the contracted out healthcare transcription company it removes the necessity of the reports manager to always monitor and follow-up on delivery time.

Method for online medical transcription: By outsourcing online medical transcription, conveniently the requirement to have an organized undertaking for preserving services at requisite accuracy percentage is also outsourced.

Overseeing: The contracted out online medical transcription service provider would have a method in place that would provide a outline of the task update for record creation work, making it simpler for the transcript organizational manpower to keep track of dictation recordings transmitted, reports collected and the work-in-progress.

Data security: The onus of securing secure patient information by shielding the manpower, the information technology and processes becomes the necessity of the contracted out medical transcription contractor.

The support personnel:
Various means of document delivery: The support manpower at the healthcare provider gains from the multiple means of transcript delivery put in place by the contracted out transcription service provider.

Archives: Archival facilities delivered by the subcontracted online medical transcription company allow the support staff to download reports simply by utilizing different search prerequisites.

The software and tools personnel:
Redundancy and backup of data: The contracted out transcription service provider would make arrangements for redundancy and backup of systems lessening the pressure of the software and tools manpower.

Synchronizing of systems: By making use of advanced technology that is easy to utilize the outsourced online medical transcription service provider would make interfacing the healthcare facility system with that of the contracted out medical transcription company very effortless.

Put in/develop software: The medical transcription company takes care of the necessity of installing/upgrading software for record creation when transcription is contracted out.

EMR adoption: Outsourcing voice transcription would facilitate in adoption of EMR through HL7 amalgamating.

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted online medical transcription industry has been providing documentation options that are custom-made to fit the given specifications of healthcare practices. TransDyne offers excellent healthcare transcription at reasonable charges, performed by accomplished and proficient medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time carried out through protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with software and technology that is advanced but simple to employ!           

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Healthcare transcription outsourcing: Offering support services

The procedure of healthcare is complicated and vibrant. Not only does medical care involve incessant upgrading and innovation it also means considerable capital outlay to remain state-of-the-art. In an environment where health facilities are confronted with the complication of constant refinement and breakthrough while coping with limited funds and postponed settlements, outsourcing online medical transcription can deliver lot of assistance.

How does contracting out voice transcription ensure assistance to healthcare practices and physicians?
Sub contracting voice transcription has lot of gains, a few of which are apparent and a few of which are supplementary plus points, which are not so obvious.

Healthcare transcription services help the exercise of clinical care in various ways, certain of which have been characterized below:
By making accurate reports: Sub contracting voice transcription ensures that specialized transcriptionists who are educated to be professionals create the patient documents. This ensures that thorough details are transcribed with the greatest precision. Accurate medical documents are advantageous in the described below

  • Assists doctors deliver quality health management based on the information in the patient documents instead of depend on recall/ conjecture/ recurring contribution from patients.
  • Supports the receivables management department to accurately code the particulars and bill   for it guaranteeing that the reimbursement process begins seamlessly.
  • Forms the description of the care procedure as substantiation in situation of malpractice suit  
By making timely reports: Healthcare professionals need details that are not only precise but also timely to be able to respond to the clinical care needs of the patients. Contracting out voice transcription guarantees that patient records are formed quickly and sent immediately to healthcare providers. Online medical transcription service providers are proficient at serve delivery time requirements making use of the correct people, practices and the appropriate software and tools.

By providing software and technology that is simple to utilize: Health professionals have various requirements on their scant time. Contracting out online medical transcription helps health professionals maximize their scant time by providing software and technology with the following benefits:

  • Flexible forms of audio recording
  • Automated upload of dictation files at regular time periods
  • Adaptable channels of document dissemination
  • Archives
By ensuring HIPAA & HITECH compliance: Outsourcing medical transcription makes sure that the HIPAA& HITECH compliance of the confidential patient data is made sure of during the voice transcription process. This plus points the healthcare practices/ doctors in two methods. It makes certain of the continued faith of the patients in the healthcare provider and safeguards the healthcare practice from lawsuit.

By providing HL7 interface: Sub contracting online medical transcription can support the healthcare practices shield their present capital outlay in EMR/EHR system by having a HL7 interface.

Subcontracted online medical transcription services play an important cooperative function in both the functional and business related features of providing medical care. However while contracting out voice transcription it is critical to select a transcription service provider who has the skill to not only satisfy the existing demands of the healthcare provider, but also have the aptitude to meet any upcoming specifications that may come up.

TransDyne, leader in the subcontracted online medical transcription industry provides services with the following advantages:

  • TransDyne ensures voice transcription with an accuracy of above 99%
  • TransDyne guarantees a turnaround time of 24 hours with a choice of 4-12 hours for STAT transcripts
  • TransDyne guarantees data confidentiality by securing software and tools, methods and human resources.
  • TransDyne delivers a reasonable and fair charge by charging 10 cents per line, which is calculated by using the character line pricing method.
  • TransDyne keeps up large, well-trained reserves of online transcriptionists, which helps them to deal with differing quantities
  • TransDyne offers healthcare transcription services by utilizing the latest software and technology that is highly developed and uncomplicated to employ.
  • TransDyne operates the character line pricing procedure that is verifiable, identifiable, measurable, trustworthy and equitable & trustworthy
  • TransDyne has the client references of their success stories available for viewing on their website.
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