Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting - Merging together expertise and background

Contracting out medical transcription is a vital choice, connected to thorough study of the necessities of the healthcare providers and what it hopes to obtain from outsourcing and then appraising the medical transcription contractor to ensure that the transcription service provider can provide services as needed by the health facility. Online medical transcription is a crucial input of the medical care chain and contracting out medical transcription should be accomplished with an ample vigilance. One is required to track down a medical transcription company who has the right mix of skills and track record to ensure competent services.

What defines the proficiency of the healthcare transcription company?
Expertise signifies to the aptitude or knowledge in a particular industry. By this meaning it is critical to track down a transcription service provider whose principle business concern is that of offering subcontracted online medical transcription services. The abilities of the medical transcription vendor has to be assessed on the following norms:

Human resources: Superb medical transcription needs the appropriate teams to ensure precision and turnaround time. The expertise of the healthcare transcription contractor can be assessed on the foundation of their hiring and guidance processes. This would make sure that the transcription vendor has a team of people to draw from as per the transcription demands

Process: The abilities of the online medical transcription company can be judged by the practices in place to ensure quality, turnaround time and confidentiality. A transcription service provider with the appropriate abilities would make certain that having the correct process in place compromises none of the standards for competent voice transcription.

Information technology: The proficiency of the medical transcription service provider can be determined keeping in mind the software and tools made use of by them to make sure of speedy and protected healthcare transcription services. The software and tools employed by the transcription contractor would make sure of utmost advantages with expediency of use.

What defines the experience of the medical transcription company?
Credentials signify to familiarity with a proficiency or industry of grasp obtained over a long time by actual practice making way for superior understanding. By this explanation it is critical to source a voice transcription vendor who has track record in offering contracted out healthcare transcription services over a period of time empowering the transcription contractor to comprehend the specific necessities of the client and offer options based on it. The track record of the voice transcription contractor can be measured on the following standards:

Client references: An experienced voice transcription vendor would have track record in offering contracted out healthcare transcription services to healthcare practices and health professionals of all sorts. This would be illustrated in the testimonials delivered by client s.

Extra advantages: Online medical transcription services have grown from being simple a transcription service to that of being a back office support work for healthcare practices and health professionals. An seasoned medical transcription company would understand the necessities of healthcare practices/ healthcare professionals and would provide improved services in addition to:

  1. Familiar means of dictation
  2. Archiving
  3. Various means of report distribution
  4. HL7 interface.
While contracting out medical transcription it is critical to pick a medical transcription vendor with both the related expertise and credentials. This not only makes sure of accurate, prompt and secure voice transcription services, it also ensures major outlay saving plus points to healthcare facilities.

TransDyne, a leader in the contracted out voice transcription field has both the pertinent background and expertise. TransDyne offers competent online medical transcription at economical costs, carried out by specialized voice transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time executed via secure HIPAA compliant channels, with very high extent of precision and all this with software and technology that is advanced but uncomplicated to employ!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Online medical transcription contracting out: Delivering accurate services with dependability

Healthcare facilities of every category are looking for options to decrease the burden on the valuable funds available to them while not compromising on the caliber of services rendered. It is vital for healthcare providers to direct efforts on the exercise of ensuring superb medical care, by sub contracting all endeavors that are not part of the core business concern. This empowers them to not only keep control over their business entity to do with imparting excellent health management in a prompt way it correspondingly empowers them to minimize expenses.

Contracting out voice transcription to a professional transcription contractor helps the health facilities in the given below matters:

  • Facilitating the undertaking of clinical care by making patient records on time
  • Helping quicken the undertaking of reimbursements by transcribing patient transcripts on time
  • Offers shielding against malpractice suit by forming records by encapsulating details of the patient- physician session precisely
  • Protect against HIPAA/HITECH violation
  • Curbing direct and indirect expense on transcription. 
To benefit from the utmost gains out of the outsourcing option it is crucial to find a medical transcription company who can ensure error-free services with integrity.

What does by ensuring accurate medical transcription services with reliability mean?
Quality online medical transcription services can be described as:

Accurate: The information recorded in the patient reports is vital for ensuring continuing care including for receivables management uses. A voice transcription service provider ensuring quality services would make certain that all the particulars is documented as exactly as achievable, by making use of the appropriate people and the correct process.

Prompt: To fulfill the norms of quality medical transcription it is crucial for the patient- doctor appointment to not only be documented correctly but similarly to be accessible on time. The healthcare transcription company would fulfill delivery time needs utilizing the correct human resources and the optimum information technology.

Healthcare transcription services with consistency can be classified as:

Data confidentiality: Patient data are highly valued and it is important to provide for the HIPAA compliance of this information at every juncture. A medical transcription service provider delivering online medical transcription services with dependability would guarantee that patient particulars is confidential at each stage.

Cost-effective: Restricted outlay of transcription is possibly one of the major advantages demanded from the contracting out option. A healthcare transcription service provider offering services with consistency would guarantee justified and affordable price by utilizing a pricing procedure, which is assessable, definable, verifiable, reliable, fair and open.

Complete technical help for online medical transcription: Online medical transcription has moved into the Internet era and has developed into a service that widens above solely documentation by providing technology that enhances a substantial convenience. A online medical transcription service provider offering services with reliability would make certain that software and tools would be improved to make sure of maximum advantage to the healthcare provider/ physician and still being simple to operate.

TransDyne, a leader in outsourced voice transcription industry provides competent services with dependability. TransDyne offers excellent online medical transcription at affordable rates, carried out by seasoned and trained medical transcriptionists with a very timely turnaround time executed via safe HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high extent of correctness and all this with technology that is advanced but uncomplicated to employ!          

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Voice transcription sub contracting: Cost-effective services

Online medical transcription is the practice of converting audio files of the patient-doctor appointment into text format. By creating patient reports, healthcare transcription is a central element of the medical care method both in the functional and financial aspects. Though healthcare transcription is vital for the smooth administering of the healthcare practice, it is not part of the main business interest of the health facility.

Transcription of patient transcripts in-house would imply that the health facility would have to allocate vital commodities for in-house online medical transcription, weakening the attention on the main business interest. Moreover performing medical transcription in-house would result in increasing the expenditure per line of transcription. Contracting out online medical transcription would ensure that the attentiveness of the healthcare facility is not diminished and could assist curb the cost per line of transcription.

How does outsourcing voice transcription make it affordable?
Online medical transcription is a specialty proficiency needing total attention of the transcription contractor, the right training procedures, the correct exercise for transcription and software and technology primed to make the process cost-effective, quick, uncomplicated and secure.

Expert abilities: Medical transcription needs the online transcriptionists functioning on the transcription process to have expert skills like an ear for language/accents, grasp of healthcare terminology, excellent keyboard dexterity expertise and searching capacity to fill in elusive terms/medicines/procedures to make certain of accuracy. Contracting out medical transcription would ensure that the healthcare transcription contractor locates and appoints the correct candidates and grows the expertise of the transcriptionists to make certain that they can fulfill the necessities of the health professionals by forming patient transcripts with greatest quality and meeting the turnaround time required.

Total focus of the medical transcription company: Separate from the proficiency set of the transcriptionists, the process of healthcare transcription entails the total concentration of overheads like real estate, machinery, working capital and technology, to make it well organized and cost-effective. Sub contracting online medical transcription guarantees that the service provider focuses all its assets on the healthcare transcription exercise making it convenient and affordable.

Process for transcription: To ensure that the transcripts generated are of essential exactness, it essential to have a process in place that makes certain that more than one individual attends to the dictation files. This guarantees that the gaps in the report are reduced. Contracting out voice transcription ensures that the transcripts are subject to a rigorous exactness scrutiny process before dispatching back to the involved physician

Correct software and tools: Voice transcription has progressed over the years into the virtual world. The practice of online medical transcription requires information technology at every juncture to make the process uncomplicated, quick and protected.  Contracting out voice transcription guarantees that the transcription contractor has the right technology that only makes the practice uncomplicated, speedy and protected but also delivers further advantages like archiving, HL7 integration and document delivery.

It can be recognized that outsourcing medical transcription not only turns it to be efficient and cost-effective but also has further gains in the shape of enhanced correctness and speed, technological gains like archiving and HL7 integration.

TransDyne offers quality healthcare transcription at economical charges, done by proficient online transcriptionists with a very prompt delivery time carried out through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with software and technology that is advanced but simple to employ!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Voice transcription sub contracting: Ensuring expert solutions

The key of healthcare facilities is to offer competent clinical care while still sustaining profitability. Medical care is an exercise, which entails many expert ingredients whether it is the contribution of trained healthcare professionals, technicians, nursing staff, support staff, laboratory alternatives or details from patient reports. It becomes essential for healthcare providers to focus on their principle capability and contract out the other tasks to specialist companies.

The process of online medical transcription, which helps in creating patient transcripts, is one such endeavor. The most advantageous way out to make sure of accurate, fast, HIPAA compliant and cost-effective creation of patient documents is to outsource to a skilled healthcare transcription contractor.

Expert healthcare transcription alternatives

What is indicated by proficient healthcare transcription solutions?
The word "skilled" has been characterized as owning, involving or connected to wonderful expertise, deftness or know-how as the result of training and experience.

By this definition subcontracted online medical transcription alternatives can be defined as offering proficient options. Voice transcription is the result of appropriate people, the right practice and the correct software and tools.

The appropriate people: The quality and the turnaround time expected for skilled online medical transcription is the culmination of the right manpower. To satisfy the quality standards required in online medical transcription, medical transcriptionists require comprehension of medical terminology, excellent English, typing expertise, good listening proficiency, Internet savvy and multi tasking capacity. This demands a thorough preparation program to make the voice transcriptionists experts. Contracting out medical transcription ensures that specialist online transcriptionists commence transcription of patient transcripts on time, no matter what the specialty or the amount of transcription.

The correct exercise: Medical transcription is not a one-time service; it is a regular practice. The exercise of healthcare transcription carries on as long as there are patients expecting healthcare. Healthcare transcription needs to follow the appropriate method to ensure that patient documents are created confined to the adequate time without sacrificing the correctness or security. To cope with the differing needs voice transcription contractors have a method in place that ensures that patient reports are created not only on time, but all the information of the patient-physician session are recorded accurately.

The right information technology: Technology has a substantial responsibility to parlay in the method of medical transcription. It not only makes certain of alacrity and confidentiality but also adds usefulness to the method by making it easy for healthcare professionals and other support staff to employ, but also by ensuring plus points like archives, familiar forms of dictation, remote printing & faxing, and adoption of EMR etc.

By using the optimum mix of human resources, processes and software and tools contracted out online medical transcription solutions positively meet the requirement as a skilled service. Speedy, protected, economical, accurate and technically competent voice transcription is the effect of ability, training and track record.

TransDyne provides excellent medical transcription at realistic prices, performed by seasoned and proficient voice transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of exactness and all this with software and technology that is advanced but effortless to employ!                   

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Medical transcription sub contracting: How it enriches the operations of health facilities

Medical transcription has a valuable role to play in the practice of providing excellent healthcare. Medical transcription is the process of making permanent patient reports from the dictation of the patient-healthcare professionals encounter. A healthcare practice is confronted with various choices for availing this service. Online transcription can be a part of the health facility’s operations; can be obtained from independent contractors or by outsourcing to a professional healthcare transcription service provider, or a mix of any of the methods. Though having online transcription in –house and executed through independent contractors has a few plus points, outsourcing healthcare transcription to an expert online transcription vendor has been found to be the most beneficial.

What are benefits of outsourcing healthcare transcription?

Augments functional output: Outsourcing healthcare transcription not only helps maximize the output of the physicians, but also has the benefit of reducing the burden of several departments within the health facility. The making of patient reports is automatic, without interrupting the operations of the healthcare professionals and other support staff

Aids strategize overheads: By contracting out medical transcription, a healthcare facility would be able to organize its scant assets to reap utmost benefits. Resources like management, technology, space etc are freed up when online transcription is outsourced. This results in better utilization of limited assets

Improves competence of service: Outsourcing medical transcription aids maximize competence of healthcare services by offering prompt and correct data and also helping the physicians and other support staff to concentrate on the health management exercise by allowing them to utilize their scant time in the best way possible

Enriches revenues: Contracting out medical transcription helps increase revenues by restricting expenses and accelerating the receivables management cycle

Augments access to information: The data contained in patient reports is utilized by multiple physicians as well as support staff, throughout the course of a patient’s treatment. Outsourcing online transcription allows health professionals as well as associated staff effortless access to information by using the correct information technology

Aids with budgeting: Contracting out online transcription helps the administration of healthcare facilities manage with tight overheads by allowing them to get rid of indirect costs that they would incur by executing healthcare transcription in-house

Ensures delivery time: Sub contracting online transcription makes certain that the turnaround time between the dictation and the time when the patient transcripts are obtainable is simplified. This is possible by the online transcription service provider using the correct team, the optimum processes, and the correct software and tools

Refines coordination between multiple divisions: The data in the patient reports provides inputs for utilization by multiple divisions. Sub contracting online transcription assists different departments like the support staff, the coding and billing department and the finance department to have access to patient transcripts through archiving facilities

Keeps reports up to date: Contracting out medical transcription makes certain that patient records are updated up to date, as all the data is updated into the patient records automatically

Improves quality of data: Contracting out online transcription ensures that the patient-health professional’s encounter is transcribed in a detailed form without missing any vital information. A medical transcription vendor would have a method in place to make certain this by having more than one ear listen to the dictation and having a quality check process is in place to make certain maximum correctness

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted online transcription industry delivers subcontracted online transcription with all the gains. TransDyne offers quality healthcare transcription at economical charges, executed by knowledgeable and qualified transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time carried out through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with information technology that is highly developed but simple to utilize!                 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Online medical transcription outsourcing: Providing perceptive services

Medical care has always had to form a delicate equilibrium between cutting expenditure and sustaining profitability while offering excellent healthcare. To this end, healthcare facilities have tried to focus all their inputs and overheads on their main goal of delivering excellent health services while contracting out all activities that dilute their weaken.  This helps healthcare facilities firm up their inputs towards improving bottom-line while delivering the finest feasible care by curtailing cost.

One such component is medical transcription. Voice transcription is the method of transcribing patient records of the patient-physician encounter from the audio records as narrated by the physicians. To be accurate, timely, HIPAA compliant and economical, voice transcription requires the optimum people, the correct procedures and the optimum technology.

Though medical transcription has a valuable function in providing excellent healthcare, as evidence in case of lawsuit and as the foundation for the receivables management, it is not element of the core competencies of the healthcare practice and can end up costing healthcare facilities a lot in terms of time, money and assets. One uncomplicated fix for healthcare practices to make certain that patient records are produced in a correct, prompt and secure manner is to outsource voice transcription.

Outsourcing voice transcription also helps health facilities save on expenditure of transcription by 40-50%. Outsourcing online medical transcription to the correct company has proven that healthcare practices can obtain of the benefits of perceptive services for their report creation demands.

How does sub contracting medical transcription offer astute services?
The word astute has been defined as having or showing shrewdness, keen perception or intelligence.

What do physicians demand from online medical transcription services?
They expect the service to be prompt, correct, reasonably priced, secure and most of all simple to utilize! They expect the voice transcription vendor to comprehend their explicit demands and employ their judgment to perceive the finest feasible solution in a specific case without sacrificing the criteria considered necessary.

Sub contracting online medical transcription services definitely suit the characterization of providing perceptive services by offering services that meet the needs of health professionals in every factor.

Information technology that is easy to operate: Physicians are highly qualified and skilled professionals who provide an important service, which needs a huge amount of dedication, skills and time. Accepting this outsourcing voice transcription services have utilized software and tools that provides gains to make the life of healthcare professionals and hospital staff easier. Not only do they utilize technology, which offers maximum benefits, but they have also made sure that this information technology is easy to utilize, helping healthcare professionals to conserve their restricted time for the top-notch utilization.

Some of the gains of information technology used by the voice transcription company are:

  • Adaptable methods of dictation
  • Preprogrammed upload of dictation
  • Web based HIPAA compliant provision of transcribed reports
  • Archives, empowering uncomplicated search of reports
  • Remote printing and faxing
  • Integration with EMR by HL7 interface
Exact and timely making of patient transcripts: Physicians count on the particulars in patient reports to make knowledgeable decisions about the health services to be imparted to patients. Online medical transcription service providers are aware of the significance of not only capturing all the details regarding the patient-health professional exactly but also making these particulars accessible to the healthcare professionals on time. To this end voice transcription vendor make certain that records are put through meticulous quality control to make sure of correctness and utilize the optimum process and technology to meet the delivery time considered necessary by physicians/healthcare practices.

Data confidentiality: The premise of the patient-physician connection is reliant on the trust placed by the patient in the healthcare professional and the healthcare practice. Securing the confidentiality of patient details is not only mandatory by law; it is also an ethical requirement. Medical transcription vendors grasp the significance of securing this information and protect confidential information in patient transcripts by securing people, methods, infrastructure and software and tools.

Conservation on expenditure: Being able to provide quality health services profitably is the aim of health facilities. Outsourcing online medical transcription helps in augmenting profitability by helping optimize on expenditure of transcription by almost 40% to 50% as against in-house voice transcription. Not only does contracting out online medical transcription help curtail cost, prompt medical transcription can assist accelerate the coding and billing

It can be established that contracting out to the correct online medical transcription service provider can prove to be an astute solution to the voice transcription requirements of healthcare practices.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced online medical transcription industry provides perceptive options to the online medical transcription requirements of healthcare practices. TransDyne provides quality voice transcription at cost-effective charges, executed by knowledgeable and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very timely delivery time performed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with information technology that is advanced but easy to use!          

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transcription: Outsourcing gains

Medical transcription has constantly participated a vital responsibility in health management method, by forming patient records. Patient transcripts play a crucial role in both the functional and business aspects of health management. Consequently it is important to make certain that creation of patient records takes place in a correct, quick, secure and economical way. Outsourcing healthcare transcription is an efficient answer to make certain this.

What are the benefits of sub contracting medical transcription?

Alacrity: Contracting out transcription to the right company ensures that patient reports are routinely produced within the guaranteed turnaround time. There is no lag in the process of healthcare transcription owing to reasons like employee absenteeism, holiday/weekends etc. outsourcing healthcare transcription makes sure that the sequence of work is uninterrupted owing to the availability of a large pool of transcriptionists who are familiar with the requirements of the physicians.

Accuracy: Contracting out medical transcription to the correct vendor makes certain that patient reports are created with utmost quality possible. The onus of training the medical transcriptionists to achieve quality levels is on the service provider. Moreover correctness is made certain by putting the reports through multiple accuracy verifications, this makes sure that any oversights that have been overlooked are amended, assuring superb healthcare transcription.

Confidentiality: Contracting out medical transcription to the correct service provider makes sure that the transcription method is totally secure. The medical transcription company would make sure that adequate security steps are taken to secure people, procedures, software and tools and infrastructure.

Accessibility: Outsourcing healthcare transcription to the correct company makes sure that there is a systematic process in place to transmit the transcripts back to the related physician. This ensures that reports are easily simply accessible.

Affordability: Sub-contracting transcription to the optimum vendor can bring down the expenditure of transcription while still maintaining the caliber of work. Outsourcing transcription also has the additional privilege of eliminating indirect costs that would have been incurred by carrying out transcription in-house.

Versatility: Contracting out medical transcription to the right vendor makes sure adaptability of services. Aspects like varied kinds of transcripts, new formats, varied templates and needs for the same healthcare transcription service provider could provide varied specialties. This makes sure that the health facility has a one-stop shop for all transcription requirements.

Effectiveness: Outsourcing transcription augments the effectiveness of the support staff by saving on both time and other resources like technology. The information technology offered by the transcription company ensures that locating audio records files or transcribed transcripts would be effortless through powerful archiving facilities. Moreover supplementary features like remote printing and faxing makes the work environment more competent.

Outsourcing transcription not only enables the healthcare facility reduce expenses s and speed up the receivables cycle, but also improves the effectiveness of the health facility’s operations. Hence it is crucial for the health facility to source the right healthcare transcription service provider for their transcription requirements.

TransDyne offers quality medical transcription at logical charges, carried out by specialized and qualified transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time performed through confidential HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is highly developed but simple to utilize!          

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Voice transcription contracting out: Simple resolution for transcription issues

Running a healthcare practice, whether it is a single health professional’s clinic, or an enormous health facility with multiple specialties is not simple. It is always a constant effort to get the most, from restricted overheads. The major objective of a health facility is to deliver quality care, gainfully. There could be numerous other aims like building a reputation for excellent care, research and expansion plans.

It is therefore critical for the management of the healthcare facility to focus all its assets towards their major goal. To achieve their core objective of providing excellent care profitably, several inputs are required like skillful health professionals, the correct equipment, adequate infrastructure and quality & prompt data.

Medical transcription participates a crucial responsibility in creating patient reports by converting dictation of the patient – health professional encounter into text format, thus providing physicians with accurate and prompt data. Having accurate and quick details perfects the quality of care. But having medical transcripts created in-house can burden the healthcare facility with both direct and indirect expenditure.

Outsourcing medical transcription offers an effortless resolution to the documentation requirements of the healthcare practice. Sub contracting voice transcription has plus points like:

Confines expenses of transcription to the expenditure per line of transcription: Outsourcing voice transcription enables the health facility contain medical transcription expenditure. Direct costs like salary of transcriptionists, taxes and insurance are gotten rid of. Indirect expenses like expenditure of capital equipment, costs of information technology, space and management overheads are also eliminated. This helps the healthcare practice employ its restricted overheads in an optimum manner

Quickens the coding and billing cycle: Voice transcription is the first stage of the coding and billing cycle. Sub contracting transcription makes certain that patient records are created on time. This makes certain that the process of reimbursement can take place speedily

Helps the healthcare facility focus on its’ main business: By outsourcing voice transcription, the healthcare practice gains from the experience of the transcription vendor and the software and tools utilized by the medical transcription vendor. This reduces the burden of the healthcare facility staff towards medical transcription related activities like collecting audio records, uploading audio records, downloading of transcribed reports, security and archiving etc. This helps them increase concentrate on the core business of the healthcare facility.

It can be concluded that contracting out voice transcription delivers the health facility with an easy answer for their documentation requirements. However while outsourcing transcription, the healthcare practice needs to make sure that the transcription vendor can meet their requirements in the desired manner. To ensure a long-term partnership the medical transcription vendor needs to be determined on the following parameters:

Accuracy: This means the percentage of quality of the finished transcripts vis-à-vis what was dictated. A minimum of 99% and above would be suitable.

Delivery time: Delivery time refers to the time taken to revert the completed document to the healthcare facility. A delivery time of not more than 24 hours for normal reports and 4-12 hours for STAT records would be considered acceptable.

Information security: The medical transcription company being outsourced to should be HIPAA compliant. The voice transcription company has to have sufficient security measures to ensure that the private information sent to and fro is safe and secure.

Pricing: This is one of the main advantages that a health facility hopes to have, from the sub contracting option. Costing should be fair and economical for the services provided. Costing method should also be clear and easy so that both parties can verify the same at any stage of the process

Information technology: The technology employed by the transcription company should not only be private but should also be effortless to utilize, without having to require extensive training.

TransDyne provides superb medical transcription at cost-effective rates, performed by experienced and qualified transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time performed through private HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is advanced but easy to employ!                 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Transcription outsourcing: Delivering services beyond anticipation

Medicine is a life saving and life improving service. The degree of service expected from the medicine sector is heightened allowing for the importance of medicine services. Healthcare services have had to focus on delivering services that not only satisfy but also exceed the expectations of patients in order to be able to survive in the progressively competitive situation.  Taking into contemplation that the healthcare sector has to manage with progressively opposing pressures made on it, it becomes necessary for healthcare practices to increase concentration on their core business and contract out all other activities. However the vigilance to be taken while outsourcing is to make certain that the service provider will be capable offer quality services on a continued basis.

Transcription is one such component that has a vital responsibility to play in the smooth running of healthcare facilities contributing to various aspects involving clinical decision making, risk management and income management aspects. Therefore it becomes crucial to appraise the capabilities of the transcription service provider in-depth before making the sub contracting decision. While sub contracting transcription it becomes necessary to not only appraise the service provider on their capability to fulfill existing requirements but also evaluate the potential of the transcription vendor in meeting future requirements.

What are factors that are obligated to be assessed while outsourcing transcription?

While outsourcing transcription there are particular apparent quality aspects like accuracy, turnaround time, billing methods, technology and data confidentiality that is obligated to be evaluated. However it is also crucial to assess the transcription vendor on the basis of parameters used for evaluating a strategic partner.

The voice transcription company is obligated to be evaluated on the following:

The medical transcription company's understanding of the healthcare professionals’ needs: One of the basis for the feasibility of the contracting out solution is the understanding established by the transcription company of the healthcare process. This gives the transcription vendor a clear vision to envisage the way in which the medical transcription company can ease the working life of the physicians and other support staff.

The technical and operational abilities of the medical transcription company to offer excellent services: It is critical for the outsourced voice transcription vendor to have the resources required in terms of software and tools, infrastructure, people and operations to satisfy the required quality criteria.

A culture that encourages and rewards quality work: The voice transcription vendor is obligated to have a ideology wherein all the team members are motivated to excel in providing quality voice transcription services

Capabilities to anticipate the needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities and meet these needs: As medicine is an evolving field subject to changing report creation needs, it becomes essential for the medical transcription company to keep up with the changing requirements and give services accordingly.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced medical transcription industry has employed their comprehensive background in technology and their experience in delivering transcription services to come up with medical transcription solutions that help healthcare facilities conserve on time, money and effort.

The services delivered by TransDyne are based on an exhaustive knowledge of the working of health facilities and healthcare professionals. Given below are a few service facilities that are directed at easing the work life of physicians and other staff:

  • Adaptable options for dictation
  • Several document delivery alternatives
  • Provisions for remote printing and faxing
The software and tools utilized by TransDyne is directed at delivering several benefits and HIPAA compliance while still being easy to utilize. The people, functions and infrastructure in TransDyne are geared towards providing services that meet the correctness, delivery time and HIPAA compliance parameters.

TransDyne has a work culture that believes in rewarding their personnel for superb work.

TransDyne not only serves the present requirements of healthcare professionals and health facilities, but has also anticipated future requirements and has included in provisions like HL7 interface and editing services for speech recognition software as part of their services.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Medical transcription sub-contracting: Providing complete solutions

The medical care business presently is faced with several hurdles. Being in the service industry it is mandated that healthcare facilities keep themselves in top form by dealing with fluctuating demands of their customers. The health management sector is faced with the need to handle the escalating criteria of services, latest advances in the field of medical care, the need to perpetually update infrastructure while still coping with the same level of reimbursements leading to dwindling resources. The requirement of the moment for healthcare practices is to focus on the main tasks they are required to focus on and contract out all the rest.

Healthcare transcription has always performed a vital role in the process of healthcare by forming patient records.

Creation of patient reports helps the healthcare practice in many ways:

  • Offers the basis of continued care
  • Offers information on the progress of treatment
  • Acts as evidence in event of lawsuit
  • Forms the foundation of coding and billing leading to reimbursement
  • Foundation for referrals to other healthcare professionals
Sub contracting healthcare transcription makes certain that reports of the patient- healthcare professional encounter are created in a timely, correct, secure and cost-effective manner. However while outsourcing transcription it is critical to locate a healthcare transcription company who can provide a total solution to the healthcare transcription necessities of the healthcare facility.

What is meant by absolute solutions for transcription necessities?

Complete solutions for healthcare transcription requirements would include the below given:

Medical transcription solutions for fluctuating volumes: In the medical care business it is not possible to anticipate the inflow of patients and thereby it is not possible to anticipate the volume of healthcare transcription requirements. While contracting out transcription it is important to appraise the company on the premise of their ability to cope with varying quantities of transcription. To provide total solutions, the healthcare transcription company is required to be able to meet the holiday and weekend transcription needs

Accurate healthcare transcription: Along with the ability to handle with fluctuating amounts of work the medical transcription vendor also is required to make certain that the quality of medical transcription is maintained to minimize errors.  While searching for total solutions for healthcare transcription requirements it is crucial to evaluate the transcription service provider on foundation of methods used to make sure of quality

HIPAA and HITECH compliant: While outsourcing medical transcription it is important to ensure that the healthcare transcription company has adequate measures in place for protection of private patient data. Transcription vendors come under the purview of HIPAA and HITECH as business associates, as they have access to patient health details and are concerned in the exercise of sending these details to and fro during the exercise of transcription

Medical transcription for all specialties: While searching for complete solutions for transcription it is crucial to assess the capability of the transcription service provider to manage with medical transcription requirements of diverse specialties without sacrificing accuracy and turnaround time

No additional investment needed: While seeking out total medical transcription solutions it is important to make sure that minimal or no investment is required to benefit from the services

No overheads: One of the key advantages of sub contracting transcription is the expenditure saving factor. Outsourcing healthcare transcription not only makes certain of enormous cost optimization to the healthcare practice, but also makes certain that the healthcare facility incurs no indirect expenditure like overheads. While looking for total solutions it is important to establish that expenses are contained to the expenditure per line of medical transcription

Technology for healthcare transcription: Software and tools plays an important responsibility in medical transcription, both for ease of use and for security uses. While sourcing absolute solutions for   transcription services it is critical to appraise the technical capabilities of the healthcare transcription company

TransDyne, a leader in the contracted out healthcare transcription industry offers absolute solutions to suit differing necessities of varied and diverse categories of healthcare practices. TransDyne has teams of transcriptionists who are skilled in varied specialties, making them domain experts. This makes sure that TransDyne can handle with medical transcription for any specialty with an accuracy level of above 99%. TransDyne ensures a turnaround time of 24 hours with an alternative of a turnaround time of 4-12 hours for STAT files.

TransDyne has the technological abilities to integrate with the present systems of healthcare facilities, requiring no surplus investments. TransDyne provides healthcare transcription for weekends and holidays, and has people and systems in place to manage varying amounts of work of medical transcription. TransDyne has software and tools that provide auxiliary provisions like archiving, remote printing & faxing among other plus points. TransDyne ensures security of private patient information, by securing manpower functions, infrastructure and software and tools

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