Thursday, May 31, 2012

Medical transcription services: Transcribing patient transcripts

Voice transcription can in a basic way be described as the exercise of creating patient transcripts, but voice transcription increases convenience to the healthcare procedure by delivering several plus points. The elements for the medical transcription process come from the audio files of the health professionals. Once the patient appointment is over, the doctor documents the details of the patient-physician visit in dictation structure. Online medical transcription is the practice of transformation of these audio files into textual structure.

The patient records transcribed by the medical transcription exercise have a crucial part to portray in the medical care procedure. Patient documents have an important function to perform in the described below points:

  • Deliver reliability of care
  • Premises for planning patient care
  • Assistance in conserving legal interests
  • Provide the base for coding and billing
  • Develop into the basis for education and research
  • Fulfill mandatory responsibilities.
What are the data recorded in patient transcripts?
 Patient reports consist of data about the following:

  • Health past records
  • Symptoms
  • Examination results
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Treatment methods
  • And a documentation of all other data recorded by healthcare professional/health facilities.
Considering the vital responsibility data from patient transcripts play in the health management procedure, it is vital to ensure that clinical records are made accessible for the utilization of doctors/ health facilities making certain of greatest precision, data security and accessibility. The practice of healthcare transcription requires the right proficiency, the right people, the correct software and technology and the optimum procedure, but also ample financial commitment in terms of capital and time.

An uncomplicated way out to make sure that medical reports are created within the parameters required is to contract out the practice to a specialized healthcare transcription contractor. This not only makes certain of accuracy, HIPAA compliance and accessibility, it also ensures that expenditure on transcription is lessened by as much as 40%-50%.

How does contracting out medical transcription guarantee correctness?
By contracting out voice transcription to a highly skilled service provider, accuracy can be made sure of because:

  1. The voice transcription vendor would have the appropriate teams: Voice transcription is the core business of the transcription contractor. Hence acquiring the right ability and preparing them to be professionals would be an ongoing procedure ensuring that the service provider has the manpower to procedure any voice transcription necessities as needed. The right teams would not only make sure of quality but also ensure that the documents are created within the expected turnaround time.
  2. The online medical transcription company would have the right practices: To ensure that quality patient documents are transcribed on time, the medical transcription contractor would have a practice in place to make certain that each report is scrutinized extensively through a strict correctness exercise. This would guarantee that documents are accurate and prompt.
  3. The medical transcription company would have the correct software and tools: The optimum software and technology would aid in quickening the process of assembling and delivering the dictation files for transcription. It would also support in the process of delivering completed documents to the physicians using numerous options. 
How does outsourcing healthcare transcription make sure of data confidentiality?
The medical transcription contractor would provide for data security of confidential patient particulars by having procedures in place to safeguard human resources, practices, infrastructure and software and tools.

How does outsourcing voice transcription ensure accessibility?
The medical transcription service provider would make sure of accessibility by having the optimum software and technology. The technology employed by the medical transcription company would not only make sure of adaptable methods of transferring dictation and provide various means of document delivery, it would also ensure that the technology is simple to utilize.

While contracting out online medical transcription healthcare practices have to guarantee that the healthcare transcription companies are stringently judged on the criteria of being accurate, speedy, secure, reasonable and adaptable to guarantee seamless services.

TransDyne ensures quality medical transcription at cost-effective prices, performed by knowledgeable and proficient transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time accomplished using secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with software and technology that is advanced but simple to utilize!               

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting: Factors to be taken into account during contracting out

Outsourcing voice transcription is a sensible operational judgment and assists the healthcare provider direct efforts totally on their main business concern while offering the right backing. However the outsourcing decision is not one to be taken casually and entails a thorough examination of what the healthcare facility hopes to benefit from the sub contracting judgment. To ensure that everybody in the healthcare provider is comfortable with the sub contracting choice it is critical for the health facility to ask itself some questions:

Is healthcare transcription a part of the principle business interest of the healthcare provider?
Medical transcription is not a constituent of the main business sphere of a health facility though it does parlay an important role in the process related and economical aspects of a healthcare provider. Online medical transcription is a specialty expertise needing a combination of the optimum human resources, the correct information technology and practice to be adept at meet the criteria of being error-free, speedy, secure and reasonably priced.

How much is online medical transcription costing currently?
Having medical transcription in-house could be costing the healthcare provider more than what they originally would have estimated. While determining outlay of in-house medical transcription points like these should be taken into deliberation:

  • Indirect costs
  • Assignment of management & administration human resources for administering medical transcription in house
  • Wastage of resources in slack times
  • Overtime pay amidst excess inflow of work
  • Extra pay for weekend and holiday transcription.
What are the other resources being made use of for in-house medical transcription?
In-house online medical transcription could also entail usage of overheads like secretaries, information technology manpower, capital equipment etc. for healthcare transcription.

What are the correctness degree and delivery time of documents?
In-house medical transcription could end up in varied extent of accuracy owing to the differing volumes of transcription. The correctness degree could be high when amounts of work are low and reduced when quantities are high.  The delivery time could also correspondingly change according to the amount of transcription. The turnaround time being shorter amidst slack periods and vice versa amidst periods with high amounts of work.

Is it important to retain medical transcription in-house?
There are particular aspects like doubts for HIPAA& HITECH compliance of the data that could be a hurdle to the sub contracting choice. Picking a medical transcription company with procedures in place to secure people, practices and software and technology can get rid of security issues and remove any hurdles to the sub contracting procedure.

What are the replacement options obtainable?
Healthcare practices have the option of sub contracting their overflow transcription necessities to a combination of independent contractors or online medical transcription vendors. This could however result in the health facility having to put in more efforts to manage medical transcription from numerous assets. The uncomplicated solution to guarantee that reports are formed in a quick, accurate, secure and affordable method is to outsource online medical transcription on a turnkey basis to a expert voice transcription company.

What is the outlay of outsourcing medical transcription?
Sub contracting healthcare transcription makes certain that the outlay of transcription is constrained to the cost per line of transcription. At first the healthcare facility may have to have a minimum capital outlay towards settling on the transcription contractor and adjusting to the information technology used by the transcription contractor.

What are drawbacks of sub contracting online medical transcription?
The common downside while outsourcing a process as crucial as voice transcription is the fear of below par quality and security concerns. Another major apprehension is that the charge quoted by the transcription contractor may have concealed cost s. Both these doubts can be removed by picking a service provider who has the appropriate manpower in place to meet correctness issues, has adequate measures in place to make sure of full confidentiality and makes use of a pricing method that is measurable, supportable, definable, constant and equitable & trustworthy.

What is the value inclusion in sub contracting healthcare transcription?
Sub contracting online medical transcription ensures the healthcare practice with several worth added services like software and technology that provides multiple advantages like numerous modes of record transfer, archives making it simple to trace reports in varied junctures, specialty voice transcription etc.

What about the transition to outsourced healthcare transcription options?
Changing from captive transcription to contract out solutions can be relieved when the healthcare transcription company has open means for customer service. This would assist the transcription vendor to solve minor worries as and when they crop up.

What about present investments in EMR?
Existing commitments is EMR/EHR can be covered if the medical transcription company has the proficiency for HL7 interface helping information to be delivered to the EMR/EHR system.

What are the arrangements obtainable to capture dictation?
This is a main fear for time starved health professionals, this worry can be surmounted by choosing a transcription contractor who lets the healthcare professionals to retain their accustomed options for capturing dictation.

The process of sub contracting healthcare transcription can become easier by picking a medical transcription contractor who alleviates these fears/doubts that may rise during the sub contracting procedure.

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted online medical transcription industry delivers thorough     healthcare transcription services. TransDyne delivers quality online medical transcription at reasonable charges, carried out by accomplished and trained medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time performed through protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant avenues, with very high levels of precision and all this with technology that is superior but uncomplicated to operate!                   

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Medical transcription sub contracting: Delivering creative solutions

Online medical transcription has been a component of medical care from the very start.  After all online medical transcription is the scribe that completely produces patient transcripts from the details given by the doctors of their session with patients. Though medical transcription has been around almost as long as clinical care services, it has developed a long way from the starting archaic style of handwritten notes to the current form of making patient reports on the computer.

It is acknowledged that online medical transcription is a professional capacity needing the optimum combination of human resources, technology and process and it has been recognized that the seamless, effectual and economical way out to creating patient reports is to subcontract online medical transcription. Contracted out voice transcription services have the benefit of ensuring innovative options to the changing requirements of healthcare practices and doctors.

How does contracted out medical transcription provide innovative services for the transcription specifications of healthcare professionals and healthcare providers?
Outsourced voice transcription has always striven to ensure services that fulfill the evolving needs of health professionals and health facilities by taking an active interest, making use of imagination and undertaking to adapt technology to deliver protected, error-free, quick and economical healthcare transcription alternatives.

To comprehend how outsourced online medical transcription imparts creative options it is critical to study how the voice transcription service has progressed to satisfy the hurdles/ needs of the health management sector.

Described below are some of the signposts that online medical transcription has reached:

Providing remote healthcare transcription options: Voice transcription has evolved from a service demanding the physical presence of the medical transcriptionist to a service, which can be availed from remote locations. Healthcare transcription contractors have utilized the Internet enterprisingly to aid healthcare professionals and health facilities obtain the most advantageous quality service without having to undergo any overhead expenses.

This makes certain that the healthcare facilities and doctors can benefit from the requisite healthcare transcription solutions having to shell out only for the extent made use of. Factors like overtime pay, wastage during slack times, measures for weekend & holiday transcription are all covered by the healthcare transcription company without sacrificing precision, turnaround time and security.

Making features for variable options of dictation: Outsourced healthcare transcription options have made certain that healthcare professionals can capture the data of the patient-healthcare professional encounter without having to alter their style of dictation or having to waste time by allowing them to operate accustomed and versatile modes of dictation. Healthcare transcription companies have innovatively applied technology to assist health professionals in saving their scant time resources.

Helping assimilation of EMR/EHR: Financial commitment in EMR/EHR systems requires an immense capital investment. Medical transcription contractors have offered HL7 interface to enable amalgamation of EMR/EHR systems.

Editing solutions for voice recognition transcription: Some doctors have invested in voice recognition/speech recognition software. Though this software has the expertise to convert speech to text, the accuracy levels have been found to be unacceptable. Voice transcription vendors have enterprisingly given editing and quality assurance alternatives for such documents.

Specialty healthcare transcription: Health management is a huge field having many specialties.  The online transcriptionists working on medical transcription for specialties need to be familiar with the language of the branch of medicine to ensure services of the demanded correctness and turnaround time. Voice transcription vendors have creatively provided for medical specialty transcription by training transcriptionists to be domain professionals in one or two specialties making sure of competent work from the very first.

Archives: One of the requirements of healthcare practices, fundamentally those generating substantial amounts of transcription work, is to be adept at keep tabs on the dictation files, work-in-progress and complete transcripts. They also require a system through which they can find patient files straightforwardly. Medical transcription service providers have inventively offered archives to enable all these features.

Choices for record delivery: All patient transcripts are vital to the medical care method, but some need more precedence than others. It is crucial for the online medical transcription company to have numerous options to deliver the record to the physicians in a HIPAA compliant and timely way. Subcontracted online medical transcription contractors have provided for this by empowering numerous modes of record dissemination.

TransDyne is a leading provider of contracted out voice transcription services, having provided services for healthcare providers of all kinds. TransDyne recognizes the needs of the health facilities and healthcare professionals and provides enterprising solutions to the varied demands of health professionals and healthcare providers.

TransDyne offers competent healthcare transcription at economical charges, carried out by knowledgeable and qualified online transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time carried out through protected HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with information technology that is highly developed but simple to utilize!              

Contracting out online medical transcription to TransDyne delivers supplementary advantages like:

  • Amount of transcription work adaptability
  • Online transcriptionists trained in specialties
  • Customized transcripts/formats/templates
  • Feature to adopt with EMR/EHR
  • Choice to retain versatile modes of dictation
  • Remote printing and faxing alternatives.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Voice transcription sub contracting: Ensuring unique solutions

Healthcare transcription is a critical conduit in the sequence ensuring quality medical care. Healthcare transcription adds convenience to the medical care exercise by transcribing patient documents from the dictation files of the patient- health professional meeting. However voice transcription demands proficiency and financial commitment from the healthcare practice to be correct and timely.  Spending using up assets may dilute the attention of the healthcare facilities from their principle objective of ensuring superb medical care.

One easy way out to make certain that creation of patient transcripts occurs in a fast, error-free, protected and economical method is to outsource voice transcription to a trained and highly skilled medical transcription service provider. This not only makes sure of quick, quality, protected and affordable creation of patient reports, but also empowers the health facility to benefit from exceptional solutions to their specific record creation necessities.

What are exceptional solutions for medical transcription needs?

It is commonly comprehended that the healthcare practices change not only in terms of the number of health professionals, the size of the facility, the services delivered but also in other aspects like:

Areas of medicine: Medicine is a vast industry having many areas of medicine. Healthcare practices could deliver one or a blend of more than one specialty. Each branch of medicine has its own language. A online medical transcription company delivering unique medical transcription options would take this into deliberation while making solutions for the healthcare providers. Factors like delivery time; templates/formats etc could be influenced by the medical specialty transcribed for.

Expansion plans: While sub contracting online medical transcription, health facilities need to find service providers who can not only meet present necessities but also have the capability to meet forthcoming necessities. The medical transcription vendor should have the manpower and technological backup to be able to deal with expanding demands for record creation.

Technological support amount needed: The technical support needed from the voice transcription service provider could change based on the requirements and skill of the doctors. To offer special options medical transcription company should have software and technology to help the varying necessities of health professionals and health facilities.

Formats/templates of records: The specification of varied physicians for transcript formats/ templates and even fonts could change. The voice transcription service provider is required to have the capacity to serve the distinctive necessities of doctors/healthcare practices.

Adoption of EMR: EMR needs a substantial investment from the healthcare providers. The medical transcription service provider is required to be capable of support EMR adoption by having the aptitude to interface through HL7 integration.

Speech recognition transcription: Some doctors/healthcare practices would even require the healthcare transcription companies to offer editing services for speech recognition transcription. The healthcare transcription service provider is required to help this feature.

Turnaround time demanded: The turnaround time requirements of varied doctors under various situations could change. The online medical transcription service provider is required to provide for the delivery time demands of numerous healthcare professionals.

Archives options: Health facilities with a large volume of health professionals would demand a cycle to track down dictation recordings, work-in-progress and records.

Dictation options: The healthcare transcription company is obligated to adapt to the special methods of dictation employed by health professionals to enable them to make appropriate deployment of their limited time.

Degree of support considered necessary: Conversion to contracted out healthcare transcription could be made simpler by having the correct form of support to answer/solve any queries/issues as they occur.

Document distribution modes: The healthcare transcription contractor is obligated to have the software and tools to adapt to the exceptional record dissemination means considered necessary by healthcare professionals.

Several user accesses: Certain records may need multi users access; the voice transcription contractor has to facilitate this in the transcription practice.

It is vital that the company should create exceptional solutions that are specifically developed taking into deliberation the requirements of the doctors/healthcare providers.

TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced voice transcription industry provides distinctive report creation services. TransDyne provides quality healthcare transcription at affordable charges, executed by accomplished and qualified voice transcriptionists with a very quick delivery time performed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high amounts of precision and all this with information technology that is highly developed but easy to utilize!    
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Healthcare transcription: Is contracting out an intelligent way out?

It is an undisputed fact that quick and exact details are one of the valuable elements that contribute to superb health management. Online transcription is the undertaking of delivering details to physicians by creating patient records changing audio records of the patient-physician encounter into transcribed format, thus providing healthcare professionals the solid base of substance and perspective concerning the patient’s medical background.

It is acknowledged that healthcare transcription is a critical contributor to the undertaking of healthcare. But when it comes to formation of patient records healthcare practices have varied choices accessible to them. The undertaking of medical transcription could be carried out in-house, through independent contractors or by outsourcing healthcare transcription requirements to expert online transcription service provider.

Though contracting out medical transcription to an expert vendor is the most effective way out, there have been a lot of doubts and aspersions cast on the process of outsourcing healthcare transcription. After all the undertaking of online transcription concerns working with secure patient information. Additionally there have been a few unfortunate incidents in the past with unscrupulous online transcription service providers not protecting patient information or fudging with the terms of costing method causing a lot of doubts.

In spite of all these unfortunate incidents outsourcing healthcare transcription has been found to have a lot of advantages:

Accuracy: Contracting out medical transcription makes sure that patient transcripts are produced correctly. The proficiency of the medical transcriptionist in typing specialties and a rigorous quality check policy makes certain that information recorded is of the maximum correctness.

Turnaround time: Contracting out online transcription makes sure that there are no setbacks in the undertaking of record making. This is made possible because the medical transcription company would have the right software and tools for upload and downloads and a huge pool of skilled transcriptionists to make sure delivery time.

Costs: Diminished expenditure is probably one of the key advantages of sub contracting. The expenditure per line of healthcare transcription is contained to just the direct costs per line of medical transcription excluding all indirect expenses s like rent, utilities, expenditure of software and tools etc

However to make the exercise of contracting out medical transcription smart and effectual it is important that the health facility exercise some vigilance as concerns the below given:
Data confidentiality measures: Keeping up HIPAA compliance of patient details is of utmost importance. Therefore it is important to establish that the healthcare transcription company has adequate provisions in place to protect the details at all stages. To ensure total data confidentiality, the vendor has to take provisions to secure information technology, infrastructure, people and processes.

Costing method methods: Often during the exercise of sub contracting online transcription the charge quoted by the service provider is taken at face value, without examining the components of the price. Often this leaves room for exploitation on the part of the vendor. To avoid this it is critical to establish the costing method utilized by the company and understand the parts of expenditure. This ensures that there is clarity in terms of pricing.

Recommendations: The track record of the healthcare transcription company in providing outsourced healthcare transcription answers to other health facilities is an indication of their proficiency. Therefore it is critical to assess on the recommendations given by the customers of the company.

Trial without charges: Apart from investigating all the aspects of the healthcare transcription proposal, it is also crucial to test them. Obtaining a free trial of the services offers the added comfort of knowing that the service provider can deliver services as promised

Sub contracting online transcription is a smart solution for the record creation demands of the healthcare facility provided the health facility evaluates the online transcription service provider thoroughly.

TransDyne ensures excellent healthcare transcription at cost-effective rates, executed by experienced and skilled transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time performed through confidential HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness and all this with technology that is superior but simple to operate!            

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Healthcare transcription outsourcing: Augments effectiveness and curtails costs

The role of accurate and prompt data in the practice of healthcare is undeniable. Healthcare transcription is the exercise that aids in formation of patient reports assuring that health professionals have the necessary details by changing transforming of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into text format. However to make the process of transcription cost-effective and efficient, one is obligated to choose the correct choice. There are several alternatives accessible to the health facility for obtaining medical transcription, like having a team of transcriptionist’s in-house, Independent contractors or by outsourcing to a specialized medical transcription company.

Information in every form is the need of the hour and medical care is no different. Healthcare facilities require information at every level to be able to manage their processes successfully comprising clinical decision-making, operational and commercial. There are numerous choices accessible to health facilities for recording the healthcare process like having an in-house medical transcription department, employing independent contractors, point and click entry by physicians at the point of care, speech recognition software and availing specialized transcription services from a professional transcription vendor.

Each method of documentation has its own pluses and cons, however sub-contracting transcription to a specialized medical transcription vendor has been found to be one of the most competent and cost-effective methods of recording the patient meeting. Outsourcing medical transcription to an expert transcription company essentially allows the health facilities and healthcare professionals to focus on the process of offering excellent health management by offering vital documentation that aids them in helps considerations.

How does outsourcing transcription help fulfill important report creation needs?

It is an established fact that the healthcare professional fundamentally creates the matter in the patient medical transcripts at the point of care.  However these details needs to be changed into a functional structure to be capable to fulfill all uses - clinical, operational and economical. And transcription is an undertaking that ensures that this details is converted into patient medical reports that are correct, clear, consistent, confidential, simply obtainable, thorough and accessible on time.  Transcription services also have the benefit of being reasonable and variable.

Exact data: Contracted out medical transcription service providers make sure that patient medical reports are created with maximum quality from the audio records of the health professionals employing trained & well-prepared medical transcriptionists and quality assurance process involving various level checks.

Clear information: Instead of audio records or hand written notes, the exercise of transcription ensures that patient medical reports are generated in the prescribed format/ template in a neat typed format, which makes it readable. 

Constant data: The details in patient medical records need to be reliable to circumvent misunderstanding during the exercise of care. Contracted out medical transcription vendors make sure that the details are constant by using the correct team and the right process.

Secure details: Outsourced transcription service providers comprehend the magnitude of updating the confidentiality and security during the exercise of medical transcription. To make sure this they use HIPAA and HITECH compliant systems and exercises.

Effortlessly accessible details: Outsourcing healthcare transcription makes sure simple accessibility of details by providing multiple choices for report delivery that make certain that the healthcare professional/s involved in the practice of care have access to the right data. Older transcripts are made effortlessly accessible from archives employing various search parameters.

Detailed data: One of the key plus points of documenting the care practice using medical transcription services is that of being able to preserve the description of the patient story, which is an important element of the clinical decision making exercise and provides important assistance for risk management.

Timely details: Outsourcing healthcare transcription makes sure that the details in patient medical reports is made obtainable available to the health professionals by providing variable delivery time alternatives.

Apart from the above plus points, outsourced transcription services also offer:

Cost-effective services: Outsourcing medical transcription to an expert medical transcription vendor makes certain significant costs conservation in both direct and indirect expenses of transcription.

Variable services: Another major benefit of outsourcing healthcare transcription is that of agility of services, comprising:
  • Quantity of transcription
  • Weekend and holiday medical transcription
  • Delivery time choices
  • Formats/ templates
  • Modes of dictation
  • Modes of record delivery
  • Editing and proof reading services for speech recognition software transcription
  • HL7 interface for EMR/EHR adoption.
It can be seen that outsourcing to the correct medical transcription company can help serve valuable documentation needs of the health facility.

TransDyne, a leader in the subcontracted transcription industry has been providing medical transcription services for over a decade. TransDyne has utilized their wide experience in information technology to form systems that provide highest advantages and optimize on efforts.

TransDyne offers quality healthcare transcription at reasonable prices, done by competent medical transcriptionists with a very prompt delivery time executed through confidential HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of quality and all this with technology that is superior but easy to use!           

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Transcription: outsourcing gains

Medical transcription has constantly participated a vital responsibility in healthcare procedure, by creating patient transcripts. Patient reports perform a critical responsibility in both the operational and commercial factors of medical care. Therefore it is critical to make sure that creation of patient transcripts takes place in an exact, fast, confidential and reasonable manner. Contracting out healthcare transcription is an effective fix to ensure this.

What are the advantages of contracting out transcription?

Speed: Contracting out medical transcription to the correct vendor makes certain that patient reports are routinely produced within the promised turnaround time. There is no lag in the process of transcription due to reasons like employee absenteeism, holiday/weekends etc. outsourcing medical transcription makes sure that the sequence of work is uninterrupted owing to the availability of a large pool of transcriptionists who are well-versed with the needs of the physicians.

Accuracy: Contracting out medical transcription to the correct vendor makes certain that patient reports are made with highest accuracy probable. The responsibility of teaching the transcriptionists to accomplish accuracy levels is on the company. Furthermore subjecting the transcripts through multiple correctness inspections ensures quality, this makes certain that any errors that have been disregarded are corrected, making sure superb transcription.

Security: Outsourcing healthcare transcription to the optimum company ensures that the transcription process is completely private. The transcription company would make sure that adequate confidentiality steps are taken to secure people, methods, information technology and infrastructure.

Accessibility: Outsourcing medical transcription to the correct company makes sure that there is a systematic process in place to transmit the transcripts back to the pertinent physician. This ensures that reports are easily simply accessible.

Affordability: Sub contracting transcription to the optimum service provider can bring down the expenses of medical transcription while still keeping up the competence of work. Contracting out medical transcription also has the auxiliary benefit of getting rid of indirect expenses that would have been incurred by performing medical transcription in-house.

Flexibility: Sub contracting medical transcription to the correct company makes certain flexibility of services. Factors like different categories of transcripts, new formats, and transcription requirements for the same transcription company could offer diverse specialties. This ensures that the health facility has a one-stop shop for all medical transcription needs.

Efficiency: Contracting out transcription augments the effectiveness of the support staff by optimization on both time and other resources like technology. The information technology delivered by the medical transcription company ensures that tracing audio records files or transcribed transcripts would be effortless through powerful archiving facilities. Moreover supplementary provisions like remote printing and faxing makes the work environment more competent.

Outsourcing transcription not only enables the healthcare facility reduce expenses s and speed up the receivables cycle, but also improves the effectiveness of the health facility’s operations. Therefore it is important for the healthcare practice to source the correct transcription company for their medical transcription needs.

TransDyne provides excellent healthcare transcription at realistic rates, executed by expert and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very timely delivery time executed through private HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of correctness and all this with software and tools that is highly developed but effortless to use!           

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Transcription sub contracting: Offering more options

The profession of health management has always been challenging. Firstly medical care is a service and as in every service industry the hurdle is to deliver good service every time. Secondly the health management sector is very dynamic and health professionals and health facilities have to continuously educate themselves and upgrade their infrastructure to offer services as per changing necessities. Lastly health management is a crucial service pertaining to quality of life and life & death cases. Therefore it is crucial for healthcare practices to focus all their assets on their most important business and outsource all non-main activities.

In a scenario where resources are restricted and requirements are huge, it is critical to subcontract activities like healthcare transcription. Transcription is the process of transforming the audio records of the patient- healthcare professional encounter into text format. Contracting out transcription ensures that patient reports are created in an accurate, quick, private and cost effective manner. Not only this, contracting out healthcare transcription has other plus points. One of the major benefits of sub contracting medical transcription is that of offering more choices to the healthcare practice.

The options accessible to the health facility, by sub contracting transcription are as follows:

One stop solution for all specialties: Outsourcing medical transcription offers healthcare facilities the adjustability of expert and exact medical transcription for all specialties. This choice comes in very advantageous when the health facility has growth plans to add on new specialties. The document creation needs of the new specialties can be accommodated without any problems with pertaining quality or turnaround time.

Transcription in the formats/templates required: Varied health professionals require reports in diverse formats. Outsourcing healthcare transcription ensures that the format/template requirement of each health professional is met with.

Adjustability in amount of work:  One of the hurdles confronted by healthcare facilities is the inability to envisage the volume of patients. Having transcription in-house would inevitably lead to either idle capacity or delay in transcript creation. Contracting out transcription ensures that the health facility can expect continuous service via differing amount of works including holidays and weekend transcription requirements.

Retaining familiar modes of dictation: Contracting out medical transcription to the correct medical transcription company ensures that physicians can retain their familiar methods of dictation. This facilitates health professionals to make optimum use of their restricted time resources.

Adoption of EMR/EHR: Contracting out medical transcription to the right healthcare transcription vendor would not only make certain that all the nuances of the patient-physician encounter are recorded, but also allow transmission of this details into the EMR/EHR using HL7 interface.

Flexible alternatives for turnaround time: Delivery time of patient reports requirements to be tailor made as per the requirements of healthcare professionals, the category of record and status of the patient. Contracting out medical transcription ensures that the turnaround time is maintained as per the conditions of the physician. This not only makes certain quality cares but also quickens the coding and billing cycle.

Various record delivery systems:  Contracting out medical transcription ensures that the health professionals can be given the transcribed records using different means as denoted by them. Auxiliary plus points like remote printing/faxing adds to the ease of the physician.

Contracting out to the right healthcare transcription service provider can assist the healthcare practice focus on their main business, by providing service with numerous choices for all their requirements.

TransDyne, a leader in the contracted out medical transcription industry provides numerous alternatives to fit fluctuating requirements of diverse of different types of health facilities. TransDyne has teams of medical transcriptionists who are trained in diverse specialties, making them domain experts. This makes sure that TransDyne can cope with healthcare transcription for any specialty with a quality level of above 99%. TransDyne gives a turnaround time of 24 hours with an alternative of a turnaround time of 4-12 hours for STAT files.

TransDyne has the technological capabilities to incorporate with the current systems of healthcare practices, needing no additional investments. TransDyne gives transcription for weekends and holidays, and has people and systems in place to manage up with differing amounts of work of healthcare transcription. TransDyne has software and tools that provide additional features like archiving, remote printing & faxing among other advantages. TransDyne makes certain confidentiality of confidential patient details, by securing people processes, infrastructure and technology.

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