Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Medical transcription outsourcing: Providing meaningful services

As the healthcare documentation scenario is undergoing major changes, the way in which clinical records are created and utilized has also seen major changes. Medical transcription services play a major part in the clinical documentation scenario through the sheer magnitude of education and experience amassed by them. Medical transcriptionists and medical transcription service providers have a deep understanding of how healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals work; combined with the vast store of knowledge and skills available to them, this puts them in an unique position to act as a catalyst in the process of adopting nationwide electronic health records.

Information has been vital to the process of healthcare, and as documentation specialists, medical transcription service providers provide support to the healthcare process. Healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals have found that outsourcing medical transcription leaves them in an unique position to enjoy accurate, timely, secure and cost effective creation of patient medical records, while leaving them free to focus on their core business.

Outsourced medical transcription service providers have always strived to provide meaningful services that have significant impact on the operations of healthcare facilities.

Some of the meaningful and significant services provided by outsourced medical transcription service providers include:

  • Accurate and timely medical transcription for varying volumes: Outsourced medical transcription service providers have added meaning to the process of simply converting the dictation of the patient- healthcare professional encounter into text by using the vast skills at their disposal by providing services with the following advantages:
1.     Ensuring correction of any oversight by the healthcare professional
2.     Subjecting each transcript to multiple level quality checks
3.     Ensuring that the dictated content fits the context

  • Accepting flexible methods of dictation: Outsourced medical transcription service providers have eased the working life of healthcare professionals by accepting dictation from various modes of dictation that the healthcare professionals find easy to work with.
  • Providing a system for medical transcription: The process of medical transcription needs support from technology to meet the expected quality criteria, especially turnaround time, security and easy to use features. Outsourced medical transcription service providers have adapted to this by not only providing end-to-end solutions, but also where required integrated with the existing systems of the healthcare facility to provide seamless services.
  • Allowing for healthcare facilities to capitalize on EMR/ EHR incentives: Outsourced medical transcription service providers have used HL7 interface to transmit data to the EMR/ EHR system without making any changes in the healthcare professional preferred method of document creation- dictation- transcription.
  • Providing editing and proof reading services for speech recognition software: Many healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities have started using speech recognition software to create transcripts. Though speech recognition software solves the problem of turnaround time, the accuracy levels are below acceptable levels. Outsourced medical transcription service providers have aided in this by providing editing and proofreading services for these transcripts bringing them up to acceptable accuracy levels.
TransDyne, a leader in the outsourced medical transcription industry has used their extensive background in information technology to come up with medical transcription services that provide easy to use solutions for the needs of healthcare professionals and other staff of the healthcare facilities. TransDyne offers quality medical transcription at reasonable prices, executed by experienced and qualified medical transcriptionists with a very quick turnaround time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very high levels of accuracy and all this with technology that is advanced but easy to use!                   

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